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Facebook Timeline Designer Nicholas Felton Leaves The Company
It was back in December of 2011 that Facebook started implementing the Timeline interface for all of its users. The designer of Timeline interface, Nicholas Felton, whose startup Daytum was acquired by Facebook in 2011, is now leaving the world’s most widely used social network. His departure takes place merely days after the social network launched Home, its brand new software offering for Android.Towards the end of 2005 Nicholas thought […]

Facebook Tests New Timeline Designs, 'Like Page' Button
Did you just start getting used to Facebook’s Timeline to a point where you’re actually starting to like it? That’s too bad because Facebook is announcing they’re going to be making some changes to it, which we’re sure you’re going to hate anyways.Instead of your Timeline’s current double-layer layout, the test Timeline pages will adopt a single-column layout that will show off all of your posts and updates. The left […]

Facebook Just Made The Best Couples Scrapbook
Facebook’s had friendship pages for a while, but they hadn’t been updated and they looked like anachronisms next to Facebook’s current design. Now they look much closer to the Timeline pages served by default, and they’ve even included a “Share Friendship” button to prove to your other “friends” that you actually have friends. But the coolest part is that Facebook has dedicated an entire URL to your romantic relationship. If […]

Facebook May Be Ditching The Two-Column Timeline Design
If you were to go back a year, you’d see a whole lot of rage directed towards the Facebook timeline redesign. If you were to ask today, many Facebook users wouldn’t even remember the controversy. However, seems like Facebook didn’t like its own redesign, so its tweaking personal pages yet again: select users, when they log in, will see a new personal page with the wall presented in a single column format. […]


Facebook has new "Expecting a Baby" Timeline event
Facebook has received its fair share of brickbats when it comes to the Timeline interface, but the social network giant chugs forward without paying too much attention to those as it is too late to stop the machine’s cogs from turning now. Well, early last month we saw how Facebook introduced the Same Sex Marriage icon in Timeline, and here we are with another addition – with the Live Event […]

All Facebook users to receive timeline this fall
Bad news for those of you who have been keeping your “legacy” Facebook profiles, it looks like you won’t be able to keep it for long. According to a report by TechCrunch who were informed by Facebook, every profile on the social network will changed to Timeline whether they like it or not. Facebook plans to complete this rollout by fall, so for those of you who’ve been putting it […]

Facebook reportedly rolling out Timeline for pages on mobile devices
If you’ve been asking for Timeline on the Facebook pages of your mobile device, then today’s your lucky day. It seems that Facebook has started to deploy its Timeline functionality to pages on the mobile platform this week. One Australian fellow sent a screenshot of Timeline on his mobile device, as you can see above. And judging from the looks of it, the design now features a cover photo, detailed […]

Nokia's company history makes its way onto Facebook's Timeline
Most of us probably know Nokia as a manufacturer of mobile phones. Some of us might have fond memories of the company’s 3310 handset, but for those unfamiliar with the company, Nokia did not start of making mobile phones, but rather as a wood pulp mill that was established back in 1865 by engineer Fredrik Idestam on the banks of the Nokianvirta River (hence the name Nokia). Well for fans […]

Facebook Timeline rolling out to everyone soon
We’ve previously covered Facebook’s revamp to the Facebook profile page known as the Timeline, and while it’s been available for everyone as an opt-in feature over the past few months, it looks like the social network is now ready to push it to every Facebook user. According to an announcement on the official Facebook blog today, the Timeline update will be rolling out to everyone “Over the next few weeks”. […]

Facebook iPad app to support Timeline next year
If you’re a fan of Facebook’s recently implemented Timeline interface and wish it was available on the iPad app for Facebook – you’re in luck. The folks over at 9to5Mac recently got some details from an inside source stating that the iPad app will gain Timeline support sometime in mid-to-late-January. Apparently the app was supposed to be released this month, but due to last minute bugs found during advanced testing, […]

Timeline Pulls Facebook Ahead
Earlier today, Facebook has announced its Timeline redesign of the user profile page. It’s a design unlike any other in Facebook’s history as it does not focus only on adding more functionality – and clutter. Its goal is to make things more readable, easier to navigate, while at the same time opening the door to more complex and engaging apps/widgets. Instead of describing feature, I will let you watch a […]

Facebook Timeline archives your whole life
As if Facebook doesn’t already know enough about you, it looks like the service has plans to store your whole life on its service. Facebook unveiled at the f8 developer conference today, a new format for profiles called Timeline. It is designed to keep your friends informed about your recent activities as well as all the things that have happened to you in the past (should you choose to fill […]

Acer Aspire X Updated in America
Presented to the world last month, the new Acer Aspire Timeline X Series has just been officially announced in the U.S. Acer America introduces three sizes in this country: the 13.3-inch 3830T, 14-inch 4830T and 15.6-inch 5830T. Just like their predecessors, the new Aspire X aim at providing customers with computers that are both thin and light (4lbs+), but also relatively fast for their weight.Previous models had enjoyed a measure […]

Details And Pictures Of Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830T Leaked
Don’t think that Acer’s Aspire Timeline 1810 laptop is fast enough with its CULV processor? Well, what about a faster, Core i5 chip? That’s what the Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830T sports. Pictures and details of this upcoming notebook have just started making rounds on the Internet, and based on the specifications leaked, it certainly seems like a juicy notebook. Pricing information isn’t available just yet, but word is that Acer […]