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Toshiba Satellite U845W Review
Over the past couple of months, it’s become clear that the way computer makers–those companies that specify and brand the actual physical device–need to make less models. It’s because when you’re optimizing for portability and battery life, what you don’t include is almost as important what you do include. Newcomers to the laptop game Vizio and Razer have adopted this one-model few-options approach, and computers like Microsoft’s Surface show that […]

Toshiba Satellite C660 unveiled in Europe
Toshiba knows that for many countries, their economies are not out of the woods just yet. Well, having said this, they have introduced the Satellite C660 15.6-inch budget notebook which will target regular consumers, bringing lower-end Intel and AMD processors to the market (that would mean unearthing an Intel Core i3, Pentium and Celeron, or AMD Athlon II and V Series processors). Features of the C660 include integrated graphics, up […]

Toshiba Satellite A665-3D Breathes New Life To Your Games And Movies
Toshiba has announced its updated A665-3D Satellite notebook with new 3D playback support, thanks to NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, allowing the A665 to offer 2D content in 3D, including games, movies, and pictures. The A665-3D will be available starting in October at Best Buy, select retailers, and direct from Toshiba with prices starting at $1,299 and will be bundled with a pair of active 3D glasses. Specifications of this notebook […]

Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop offers entertainment and style in a single package
Toshiba’s latest Satellite A665 laptop will target those who want to do work as well as let their hair down on the same machine without breaking the bank, where the A665 fits the bill perfectly – at least according to Toshiba. It can be configured to a pretty high performance processor (we’re talking about an Intel Core i7 chip and an NVIDIA GeForce 330M graphics chipset here) that is pocket-friendly, […]


Toshiba Satellite M135 notebook updated with new design
Toshiba decided to make sure their Satellite M135 notebook keeps up with the times, offering an updated ultra-thin design that is accompanied by a chiclet keyboard and wide trackpad for those with particularly large fingers. It was paraded at Computex 2010 in Taipei, where this 13″ notebook measures 1″ in thickness with a choice between a 1.06GHz Intel Core i5 or a dual-core AMD Athlon II Neo processor, depending on […]

Toshiba Satellite U500-1EX laptop has multitouch display
Toshiba’s Satellite U500-1EX laptop is one machine which jumps aboard the multitouch display bandwagon, all 13.3″ of it. This machine will rely on Microsoft’s Touch Pack for Windows 7 that allows users to flick through their collection of files and folders simply by touching the display. Apart from that, you will be able to take advantage of tried and tested touch controls such as tap and double-tap, drag, press and […]

Toshiba touch-enabled notebooks
Toshiba intends to usher in the entrance of the Windows 7 operating system by unveiling two of its touch-enabled notebooks known as the Toshiba Satellite M505-S4990-T which is going for $949, while the Toshiba Satellite U505-S2980-T is slightly more expensive at $1,049. Apart from running on Windows 7, these machines come with an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 2.2GHz processor, a 500GB hard drive, dedicated media controls, touchscreen displays and […]

Best Buy Offers Next Class Series Notebooks For College Students
Best Buy sure knows how to take advantage of the situation by helping college students pick up the best their (parents’) dollars can afford by offering a range of new notebooks that pack enough punch to handle college assigments without breaking the bank. The new Next Class series of notebooks will comprise of the $750 14″ Dell Studio 1440-022B, the $650 Toshiba Satellite M505-S4940, the $746 14.1″ HP Pavilion dv4-1465dx […]