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Verizon Turbine 7.0 could be ZTE V66 in disguise
You might want to strap on your seatbelts, as the ZTE 66 (which has already gone through the rigors at the FCC, only to get pictured afterwards) could very well be headed towards the folks over at Verizon Wireless, where it will be known as the Verizon Turbine .70. What you see above is an image that is part of a page that is residing somewhere underneath the labyrinth of […]

ZTE V66 could be known as "Turbine" when it arrives on Verizon's network
Remember the ZTE V66 tablet that was spotted last year? The Android based tablet was rumored to be headed Verizon’s way and according to the folks at Pocket Now, it could be receiving a name change when it makes its way onto the carrier. To be fair the V66 name was really much of a name to begin with, so if the tablet managed to pique your interest back in […]

Street lamps in the future could be powered by both sun and wind
With the world becoming more eco-conscious these days, it’s only a matter of time before we start coming up with even more ways to conserve our resources and become even more environmentally friendly, although we have to admit that this SavWatt Eco-Pole designed by a company called SavWatt looks like a great way to kick things up a notch.

Wind turbines to bother radar systems no more?
We all learn a new thing every single day – and for today, did you know that wind turbines are able to garble up radar systems? Yes, that is right – with wind turbines in the vicinity, air traffic control can be an extremely stressful job since all the figures and images you see would be jumbled up. Dr. Dorothy Robyn, deputy under secretary of defense in the US, recently […]


Wind turbines to power BMW factory
BMW wants to continue with their green reformation by drawing up plans to build a quartet of wind turbines that will see action in powering a factory with enough juice so that it is able to assemble hundreds of vehicles each day – at least that is what auto newspaper Automobilwoche reported. The same report also mentions that the wind farm constructed ought to be able to produce enough energy […]

Monster Turbine Pearl In-Ear speakers are more useful than jewelry
Spending Valentine’s Day with a loved one this year, but don’t want to spend a fortune on jewelry? How about a nice set of earphones instead? Monster has just released the pearl colored version of their Turbine In-Ear Speakers. Want to enjoy music while looking chic at the same time? These earphones look like they could do the job perfectly. No they probably won’t go well with her stunning dress […]

Gas turbine jetpack looks too hot to use
Ever dreamed of touching the sky? I’m sure you’re not the only one. A German inventor spent hours of his life working on this crazy looking gas turbine jetpack he calls “The Monocopter”. This device looks like bad news and doesn’t look too safe to fly. Firstly it looks like you’d need the strength of 5 men to lift, and secondly, those exhaust pipes look a little too close for […]

Concept: Greenerator Gathers Green Energy For Your Apartment
If you’re living in an apartment like many folks in urban areas, chances are that you don’t really have the option (or real estate) to install a large solar panel to reduce your electricity bill. Now a concept solar panel and turbine has been designed, dubbed the Greenerator, a design that offers a vertical axis wind turbine and flexible solar panels that can be installed on balconies. The energy harvested […]

Wind turbine has no blades, creates no noise
Check out this interesting wind turbine that relies on boundary layers instead of blades so that it can generate power without making a sound. Patented by Solar Aero, this turbine known as the Fuller turbine was modeled after the 1913 Tesla steam turbine, where it is fully enclosed and virtually silent, doing away with traditional drawbacks of bladed turbines such as noise, radar interference, visual pollution and wildlife injuries. The […]

Humdinger Wind Energy's microBelt Turbine
Trying to generate energy from wind in a small device is never going to be easy as it’s rather difficult to get enough wind flowing through a small device to generate significant power. Now it seems that a company called Humdinger Wind Energy LLC has come up with a device dubbed the microBelt which can do just that. The microBelt is a piezoelectric turbine-based system that is touted as being […]

Physalia Concept Vessel Loves The Environment
With everybody jumping on the “green” bandwagon, this Physalia concept design will certainly be warmly received. Sure, it’s just a concept design, but it looks really cool, and (according to the design) is able to produce enough energy to sustain itself, not to mention generate a bit more energy to spare too. Named after a species of jellyfish, this vessel will sport a virtual botanical garden, as well as a […]