tvOS 12 Will Make It Easier For Users To Enter Passwords

For those who own an Apple TV, you guys are probably well aware of what a pain it is to enter a password to log into certain apps. This is because while the Apple TV remote might be useful for navigating the device, it’s less than ideal to type things out, but that is expected to change with the upcoming tvOS 12 update.

Apple Might Have Patched KRACK Vulnerability In Latest Betas

Recently you might have heard the reports that our WiFi’s WPA-2 might have been hacked which leaves pretty much every device connected on WiFi vulnerable to being attacked. However the good news if you’re an Apple user is that it looks like Apple might have patched the vulnerability on their side of things.

tvOS 11 Will Automatically Pair AirPods

At WWDC 2017 this week, we’re seeing Apple make quite a bit of changes and improvements to its AirPods headphones. For example with iOS 11, AirPods users can change tracks by double tapping on the headphones, and now it looks like there will also be some upgrades when it comes to using the AirPods with tvOS 11.

Major tvOS Update Brings Single Sign-On, Live Channels And More To Apple TV

Apple has made its much-awaited software announcements today at the WWDC 2016 keynote, it has detailed the next major tvOS update for Apple TV which brings several new features to the set-top box aside from the ability to stream live TV channels. Features include Single Sign-On and YouTube search, among others.


Apple TV Apps Can Now Support Facebook Login

The Apple TV is a pretty solid set-top box, the new one provides a completely overhauled user interface with enhanced features like Siri integration and its very own App Store. All these things are certainly great but it has always been a pain to punch in text using the Apple TV’s report, that’s a problem you’ll experience with most set-top boxes actually, but soon Apple TV apps will be able to […]