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Twitter Puts A Stop To TweetDeck For Windows
Twitter has introduced a change which will make life easier for those who tend to switch between its desktop application TweetDeck, as well as its website. How so, you ask? Well, users will no longer need to log in to TweetDeck in a separate manner. In other words, should users happen to have the Twitter website open and have logged in prior, they can give the Tweetdeck log-in process a […]

Tweetdeck XSS Flaw Causes Havoc
Today seems to be a very busy day for people who like to cause mischief on the internet. Earlier today Feedly was hit by a DDoS attack and it was being asked to pay money to call off the attack. While it was dealing with that, a XSS flaw caused havoc for Tweetdeck users. The “cross-site scripting” vulnerability was discovered on the client and essentially left millions of users open to […]

Twitter Adds New Features To TweetDeck
Twitter to introduce new features in TweetDeck.

TweetDeck Shuts Down In Different Forms
I am quite sure that many of us out there have heard of TweetDeck, let alone use it. TweetDeck has long been deemed to be the feature-rich Twitter client which was picked up by Twitter back in 2011, but it seems that it will not be available in its present form with such freedom soon. Apparently, TweetDeck seems to be on the path to function as a web-based service only, […]


TweetDeck taken offline due to bug that opens access to the accounts of others
TweetDeck, a popular Twitter client which was officially acquired by Twitter last year, has been temporarily taken offline due to a bug discovered earlier today. Reported by the folks over at TechCrunch, a reader encountered a strange bug which granted his TweetDeck client access to the accounts of other Twitter and Facebook users. When he logged on to TweetDeck today, he noticed that his account was slower than normal and […]

TweetDeck updated
TweetDeck, one of the world’s most popular Twitter clients has just received a major update that introduces a whole bunch of new features to the app. Users can now preview media (images and video) from within a column, underneath the related Tweet. The update also brings improved list management, the ability to edit and delete lists from within the app, and a dedicated Lists button. There are also two new […]

Twitter to purchase TweetDeck for $50 million
TweetDeck is one of the more popular third-party software applications out there which helps you propagate your tweets, and Twitter, the social microblogging service site, intends to bring TweetDeck under their fold for a cool $50 million, at least according to sources that are close to the matter.It seems that the cash and stock deal might very well close in under ten days, and it would be one of Twitter’s […]

TweetDeck receives a major overhaul
TweetDeck has just released the new version of their famous Twitter client – TweetDeck 2.0. The latest version of TweetDeck for iOS has been reset and rebuilt from the ground up to be “fast, flexible and full-on powerful.” If you felt that TweetDeck was starting to get sluggish and bloated, the new version of the client should get rid of those problems.All the standard Twitter features are included in the […]

TweetDeck Android Beta App Arriving This Week
Many folks out there can’t drop their Twitter addiction, and if you’re one of them, chances are that you’ve used TweetDeck, one of the more popular Twitter applications out there. The good news if you’re using an Android-powered device is that the folks behind it have confirmed that a public beta of its Android app later this week, ensuring that you’ll have more choices when it comes to Twitter applications […]