Twitter To Sell 70 Million Shares At $17 To $20

Earlier today we reported that Twitter IPO price range will be unveiled soon, and the company has finally filed a new document with the SEC that details exactly how much it wants for the shares its willing to sell. According to the document, Twitter is going sell 70 million shares in the price range between $17 and $20. The microblogging network will raise nearly $1.4 billion dollars if we go […]

Twitter IPO Price Range Reportedly Being Set Soon

Last month we reported that Twitter had filed a S-1 form with the SEC, revealing that it is planning to go public. Twitter’s IPO is one of the biggest tech related initial public offerings of this year. Rumors of the microblogging network going public escalated after Facebook conducted its IPO last year, raising $105 billion in the process. Though up till now, no one knows exactly what Twitter IPO price […]

Twitter IPO Filing Now Public

Twitter announced a few weeks back that it had filed a S-1 form confidentially with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The form lists various details about a company’s business, including its financial details, and its filing is mandatory before a company seeks to go public. Twitter IPO is expected to be the second biggest tech IPO in recent times, after Facebook went public last year. Twitter has now made its IPO […]

Twitter IPO Filing Will Reportedly Be Made Public This Week

A couple of weeks back Twitter announced, via what else, Twitter that it is seeking to go public. The company filed a S-1 form confidentially with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The luxury to do so confidentially is allowed by the JOBS act to emerging growth companies. The form itself isn’t an offer for sale of securities, it basically lists the company’s basic financial and business information that is related to […]


Twitter IPO Date Expected To Be Set Before Thanksgiving

Last week Twitter formally announced that it is seeking to go public, it finally made the announced after endless speculation. It has already filed a confidential S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Analysts have been wondering exactly when the Twitter IPO date will be set. Reuters, citing inside sources, claim that the microblogging network is aiming to have its shares trading on the public market before Thanksgiving, this year. […]