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OnePlus 2 To Come With USB Type-C Port
It was just last week that we saw how OnePlus laid down an official teaser campaign to get folks interested in their upcoming flagship device. One can only say that it is being prepared to be released real soon, and surely it is well worth the effort to get all excited about it! Until the full reveal, however, the Chinese company will continue to reveal bits and pieces about the […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Will Reportedly Feature USB Type-C
It is expected that eventually USB Type-C will be the new standard adopted by computers and phones. However for now, only a handful of devices feature the port, like the new 12-inch MacBook from Apple, and the Google Chromebook Pixel 2, but if the rumors are to be believed, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could sport the USB Type-C port as well.According to the rumors, the handset is said […]