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Robot Dogs Could Soon Be Patrolling USAF Bases
We’ve all seen the movies where robots patrol compounds. The thing about robots is that they don’t tire and they also can “see” more than humans and could spot things a human might otherwise miss due to fatigue or just outright laziness. So it doesn’t really come a surprise to learn that the US Air Force has tested out using robot dogs to help protect their bases.

America's Next Stealth Bomber Costs About $564 Million Apiece
The United States Air Force has finally selected a manufacturer for its next stealth bomber, the consortium of Lockheed Martin and Boeing were locked in a Battle with Northrop Grumman for the lucrative contract and it has now been confirmed that the country’s next stealth bomber will be built by Northrop Grumman. It’s going to be an expensive one, costing about $564 million apiece.

F-16 With 40-Year Old Design Bests F-35 In Mock Dogfight
The F-16D fighter jet is based on a design from 40 years ago, but it seems that despite today’s modern technology and more advanced designs, a recent mock dogfight showed that sometimes it really boils down to who is flying the plane. According to a report obtained by David Axe of War is Boring (via ArsTechnica), it seems that during a mock battle between a two-seater F-16D and a F-35 […]

US Army And Air Force Will Use Lasers To Clear Landmines
IEDs are extremely dangerous and chances are you have read stories of how old IEDs planted in previous wars are still exploding around the world, killing and maiming innocent people who might have accidentally stumbled across them. In fact even when sending in a trained professional to clear these mines, they can still be very dangerous.This is why both the US army and the air force have recently come together […]


ISIS Base Discovered And Destroyed Thanks To A Selfie
Taking photos of yourself, also known as a selfie, is pretty common these days. However as with most things in life, there is a time and place for it. For example driving and taking a selfie is a big no-no, taking selfies during funerals is also considered a social faux pas, and more importantly if you’re planning on guarding a secret ISIS base, chances are taking selfies might not be […]

US Air Force Will Now Train With Remote Controlled F-16s
It is not surprising that in a bid to simulate combat and to hone their skills further, the US Air Force from time to time flies simulated attacks against planes with similar capabilities of that of enemy planes. In the past the US Air Force has turned to the use of modified and unmanned F-4 Phantom IIs.However it seems that as technology progresses, these Phantom IIs have begun to lose […]