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T-Mobile Brings Video Calls To Your Phone's Dialer
Last month T-Mobile revamped SMS and MMS with new features that it collectively called T-Mobile Advanced Messaging, at that time the carrier said that it will provide more rich communication services in the near future and it’s following through on that promise today. T-Mobile has launched video calling today, you might think that’s not a big deal since there are countless apps out there that offer precisely the same thing, but […]

Vonage Now Supports Video Calling On iOS, Android
One of the most well-known VoIP providers has to be Vonage as they regularly air commercials for their service that make many people seriously consider ditching their current home phone provider for its service. Vonage has been providing a low-cost way for its customers to call anyone around the world, and this week, they’re announcing they’re looking to expand to the world of video calling.Vonage now offers the ability to […]

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 for 1080p Video Calling
[CES 2012] Logitech is well known for its high quality HD webcams and we are happy to see the manufacturer coming to CES with a new one. The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 captures full-HD 1080p video for video calling with Skype latest version Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows. With Windows Live Messenger the webcam provide 720p video capture.Thanks to its Carl Zeiss optics, two speakers and a premium 20-step […]

Biscotti TV Phone brings video calling to the living room
If the thought getting a video conferencing camera set up in the living room seemed like a daunting process to you, you’re in luck because all that is about to change. Biscotti (formerly known as Wham!) has recently announced the launch of its video conferencing camera that is supposed to be a piece of cake when it comes to setting up. All you have to do is plug it in […]


Tango for Windows Phone now available [video chat]
Remember back in September, video calling through the Tango app was demonstrated on a HTC Titan? It’s one of the features supported in Windows Phone after the Mango update, and while the app wasn’t available for download then, we’re pleased to announce that it has just hit the Windows Marketplace. Tango for Windows Phone will allow you to make video calls to other Tango users – which means not only […]

Video calling demonstrated on the HTC TITAN
Windows Phone 7’s major update, codenamed Mango, is almost here and one of the major features it will bring to the phone is video calling support. Unfortunately for all the first generation WP7 phones, they won’t have front facing cameras to take advantage of the feature. However, the next generation phones will be packing them, and Microsoft recently uploaded a video demonstrating the feature on a HTC TITAN.Overall it looks […]

Video calling capability discovered in Facebook Messenger app
Earlier today we reported that Facebook had announced a standalone messenger app which basically allows you to send messages to your Facebook friends without having to launch the native Facebook app, which we decided was rather bloated and consumed data unnecessarily, especially if all you want to do is chat with your Facebook friends.

Facebook launches Group Chat, New Design and Video Calling
At the Facebook HQ today, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of some exciting new features to the world’s most popular social network, Facebook. After spending the past six months working on most of these features, it looks like the summer holidays for Facebook users are going to get a lot better with the unveiling of Group Chat, an improved design for the chat buddy list, and video calling.

ooVoo offers free 3-way video calls
Fancy a threesome? Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about ooVoo and their latest software releases that enables 3-way video calls – for free, yo! This ought to help you connect with family and friends alike over smartphones, PCs and Macs – a method that truly isn’t discriminatory at all. This service will be always free, at least for up to a trio of users, thanks to […]

Will BlackBerry Messenger Get Video Calling?
With Apple’s introduction of FaceTime video chatting on its iPhone 4, video chatting seems to be in vogue again. You might have noticed that RIM’s freshly-announced PlayBook tablet features front and back cameras, which had led to speculation that RIM might want to lean on its massively popular BlackBerry Messenger service that has over 35 million active users to introduce video calling. If video chatting were to be integrated into […]

Video Calling Coming To Future Motorola Phones
With the recent release of the HTC EVO 4G and upcoming iPhone 4, many users are giving video calls a second glance, and now Motorola’s CEO has also come out to state that the company will soon be announcing up to four devices, probably powered by Android, that will be capable of handling video calls with front-facing cameras. With the current Motorola Droid starting to show its age when compared […]

Skype Mobile making its way to the Sprint HTC EVO 4G
Do you think that Skype is the next best thing after sliced bread? Well, good news then – Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G looks set to be able to play nice with a Skype client before the year is over, where it will also be made available as an Android app for worldwide consumers regardless of which carrier they’re tied down to. Could an Android-powered Skype app actually set the bar […]