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Virgin Galactic May Reach Space For The First Time Soon
Virgin Galactic today announced that it’s putting the SpaceShipTwo’s test flights into overdrive. In this phase of the flight program, it will expand the limits for air speed, altitude, loads, and thermal heating. It also plans to burn the rocket motor for longer durations which would see its spaceship and pilots reach a space altitude for the very first time.

Virgin Galactic Space Trips Will Go Commercial Next Year
Richard Branson’s spaceflight company has restarted powered tests of its spaceplane following a tragic accident two years ago which resulted in the death of co-pilot Michael Alsbury. Branson himself has confirmed that the company is going to resume powered flight tests in the near future. He has also confirmed that Virgin Galactic is aiming to start flying commercial trips by next year.

Virgin Galactic Prepares New SpaceShipTwo
16 months have passed since the test flight of Virgin Galactic’s first spaceship ended up as a disaster, but you know what they say – if at first you don’t succeed, try again. This has led Virgin Galactic to show off a second vehicle which was meant to ferry well heeled passengers to have an adventure of a lifetime – that into suborbital space. Commercial space travel would never be […]

Virgin Galactic Reveals Footage Of Flight
We recently reported on Virgin Galactic’s success when it comes to smashing the sound barrier in a test flight, and for those who are deeply interested in the work of Virgin Galactic, here is some released footage from a camera that was located on the spaceship’s tail. The view is not as flattering as one might have expected to check out as they hang around the craft’s windows, but it […]


Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Breaks The Sound Barrier
Earlier this year in April, billionaire Richard Branson’s upcoming commercial spacecraft, SpaceShipTwo, managed to achieve its first rocket powered flight, and earlier today, it managed to achieve a successful test flight again, rocketing over the skies of California after being dropped from its carrier plane. Not only that, in the second test flight, the SpaceShipTwo managed to achieve a “Concorde” – that is, by breaking the sound barrier as it […]