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Verizon bringing Flex View VOD to non-FiOS customers?
At a press briefing today, Verizon’s Senior Vice President of product development, Shadman Zafar demonstrated that their Flex View video-on-demand (VOD) service could be made available to FiOS customers and non-customers alike, which showed that Verizon is thinking of expanding its coverage to consumers other than its own FiOS subscribers.Verizon gave a demonstration of Flex View VOD running on a Roku set top box and also discussed about opening the […]

YouTube to launch movie streaming service by next week?
According to reports online YouTube, the world’s most popular video streaming service, will take its first foray into the premium video sharing industry. According to a report from Business Insider, YouTube will be launching its movie on demand service either this week or next, and by movie we mean Hollywood blockbusters and films that are sold on DVDs – not “movies” by YouTube stars – those videos can still be […]

Netflix is down
Although we are not sure when exactly Netflix went down, we have noticed that the web video service has not been operating normally for at least the past 3 hours, and probably more (as seen from San Francisco). The DVD processing capabilities don’t seem to be affected – although you can’t manage your queue now, but the streaming content is definitely not working. Netflix says that it is working as […]

Panasonic Blu-ray players support Amazon Video On Demand service
If you happen to own a Panasonic Viera Cast Blu-ray player, then you’ll be happy to know that the Japanese consumer electronics giant has given the green light to offer support for Amazon’s Video On Demand service on that particular range. This gives the viewer another entertainment option after a long, hard day at work, where streaming purchases and rentals straight from the reader without the need for storage can […]


Vudu and LG to offer video-on-demand in televisions
Vudu, one of the best video-on-demand (VOD) service, has announced that its service will be integrated in a number of LG televisions. Previously, Vudu was selling its own set top box to deliver the videos. Sharing its technology is a great move for Vudu as it not only makes things cheaper for end-users (it’s integrated in the TV), but it will allow Vudu to (mostly) shed itself from making hardware. […]