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Google Launches Blink And Ends WebKit Affiliation With Apple
Google announced today that it is ending its affiliation with Apple over WebKit, which is an open source project that both Google and its arch nemesis have jointly collaborated upon for quite some time. While praising it for its flexibility, performance and thoughtful design, Google says that since Chromium uses a different multi-process architecture than other WebKit based browsers, supporting multiple architectures has slowed down the pace of innovation. So […]

Opera Chooses Webkit Rendering Engine, Makes The Web A Bit More Compatible
Opera has announced that it would stop using its in-house rendering engine in favor of the open-source Webkit project, a web page rendering engine created by Apple and used in numerous browsers including Google Chrome and Safari (of course). Opera says that it has 300 million active users, so this change will make an impact on quite a nice chunk of internet page traffic when implemented.

WebKit browsers catching up to Firefox (updated)
 While Firefox is having trouble surpassing Internet Explorer’s market share in the browser wars, it looks like it has another competitor right at its heels – browsers that run the WebKit web page renderer, in the form of Google Chrome and Apple Safari. According to the latest stats from StatCounter, Internet Explorer is leading the race with 43.87% of the market share, while Firefox comes in second with 29.29%. Chrome […]

Nokia Ovi Browser Targets The Desktop And Is Powered By WebKit
We previously managed to get a hint that Nokia was busy working on its on web browser, though it wasn’t obvious at the time whether the browser would be used in its mobile phones, or whether it was destined for the desktop. Now it seems that Eldar Murtazin has managed to get hold of a beta of the browser, and claims that the Ovi Browser will be based on WebKit, […]


TomTom Is Looking To Offer An Application Store As Well
We’re all fairly familiar with the iPhone’s App Store and the Android Marketplace, but do you think that dedicated GPS devices need an application store as well? It seems that Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom, has confirmed that the GPS company is laying out plans to embrace an app store approach to offer apps to its customers by the end of the year. If things go according to plan, the […]