Windows Phone Marketplace opens in 5 new countries
For those of you who have gotten Windows Phone devices in countries without the Marketplace, we’ve got good news for some of you. Today, Microsoft announced the launch of the Windows Marketplace in five additional countries. From now on, folks in Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines will be able to download and purchase apps on their Windows Phone devices. This is a pretty big deal because previously, people […]

Windows Marketplace hits 60,000 apps
If “lack of apps” is the main reason why you haven’t switched to Windows Phone yet, it won’t be an excuse for much longer. It has just been reported that Microsoft’s mobile operating system’s app store, the Windows Marketplace, has broken yet another milestone hitting the 60,000 apps available mark today. A pretty impressive feat considering that the store hit 50,000 25 days ago.While it still has a long way […]

Windows Marketplace hits 30,000 apps
Another month, another milestone reached for Microsoft Windows Phone. It was back in July when we reported about the platforms app store, Windows Marketplace, hitting 25,000 apps, and now it has been reported to hit 30,000 apps. While it’s still a way off from the 425,000+ iOS apps and 200,000+ Android apps available, for an operating system that’s not even a year old – it’s a pretty impressive feat. And […]

Windows Phone 7 sideloading will require a fee
Back when Windows Phone 7 was released, the folks over at Team ChevronWP7 released a tool that allowed users to install apps on their WP7 devices without having to go through the Windows Marketplace. It wasn’t too long before Microsoft made them remove the tool from their website and stopped it from working. The homebrew community was in an uproar over the whole situation, but Team ChevronWP7 said they were […]


Microsoft to limit number of Windows Phone 7 app approvals daily per developer
In an effort to make the “new apps” section of its Windows Phone 7 Marketplace more relevant, Microsoft has announced a new policy where developers can only have a max of twenty apps approved a day. So while a developer can submit more than twenty apps for Marketplace approval daily, only twenty of them will make it into the shop at the same time. The remainder will have to wait, […]

Windows Marketplace now has 20,000 apps
It was only a couple of months ago that we reported the app store for Windows Phone 7, Windows Marketplace, surpassed the 10,000 app milestone. As of today, that number has been doubled to 20,000 apps. Talk about a growth spurt! It looks like the Windows Marketplace is growing at roughly the same rate as Apple’s App Store. The Marketplace took 219 days to reach 20,000 apps, while the App […]

Windows Phone 7 app developer hits the jackpot
In a recent case study released by Microsoft Advertising, a Windows Phone 7 app developer, Richard Foster, has been said to have earned $28,882 in just 4 months, using Microsoft’s Advertising SDK for Windows Phone. Now it may not be the runaway success that Rovio had with Angry Birds, but it shows that developers on the WP7 platform can make a living too. Foster has released 14 free apps, all […]

Android Market and Windows Marketplace arrives at new app milestones
According to independent Android app tracker, Google’s Android Market now carries more than 200,000 apps. In addition, the Market’s apps have been collectively downloaded more than 2.5 billion times – that is a whole lot to say the least. This is no surprise since developers are becoming more and more focused on Android, picking up to 22% of the world’s smartphone market in the process. As for Microsoft, they […]

No Porn Apps For Windows Phone 7 Devices
You might remember that Steve Jobs didn’t want any porn-related content appearing on the App Store, a restriction that doesn’t exist on the Android Market. Now it seems that Microsoft has agreed with Apple’s take on the porn issue, as the latest policies (PDF link) for its Windows Phone Marketplace was rather specific about not allowing adult content, meaning that you won’t be seeing any porn apps for the upcoming […]