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No more new apps in Windows Mobile 6.5 Marketplace after July 15th
People who still use Windows Mobile 6.5 devices will be receiving a kick in the butt to upgrade their phones soon. Well, indirectly of course. Microsoft has announced that as of July 15th, 2011, developers will no longer be able to submit new apps to its Windows Marketplace for Mobile – the store where WM 6.5 users get their apps from.“While apps will still be available for sale, it will […]

HTC Desire HD Render Surfaces With Windows Mobile 6.5
Many folks out there are curious to find out more details on the upcoming HTC Desire HD and now a user (i.e. unofficial) render of the device has surfaced, and it looks pretty believable. The Desire HD is expected to be a European variant of the popular HTC EVO 4G, which many hope will be unveiled soon. Of course, despite the render looking pretty good, a glaring mistake will be […]

Samsung Code to get Windows Mobile 6.5 update at long last
It is rather strange at times, that old phones seem to get software support from its manufacturers long after the device is outdated. Take the case of the Samsung Code which runs on the Windows Mobile platform. Hailing from MetroPCS, this 9-month old phone will soon feature a Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade, where for some of you it might seem to be a distant memory by now with all your […]

T5353 HTC Diamond2 Clone From China Can Dual Boot Android And Windows Mobile
While cloned devices from China normally don’t offer too many exciting features, but the T5353 which looks very much like the HTC Diamond2 has a killer feature up its sleeve. We’re talking about its ability to dual boot Windows Mobile 6.5 and also Android 1.6, depending on the mood you’re in. That being said, considering the recent popularity of Google’s Android OS, it’s hard to imagine you wanting to run […]


Windows Mobile 6.5 Virus Makes International Calls
Owners of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones: if you’ve recently noticed that your phone is making some mysterious international calls, it might be infected by a virus. Some folks have discovered such a virus infecting Windows Mobile 6.5 phones, and apparently it’s spreading via the download of a game titled “3D Anti Terrorist”. After checking, the 3D Anti Terrorist game is a shareware demo, but the virus creators were smart enough […]

T-Mobile HTC HD2 Unboxed Before Launch
T-Mobile’s Windows Mobile powered HTC HD2 should only be officially going on sale on Wednesday, but it seems that someone managed to get a unit before the official date from Walmart, and even posted a video (after the jump) showing the device being unboxed. HTC’s HD2 is certainly an amazing phone, but with the announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series, you have to wonder if T-Mobile is getting this phone a […]

No Flash for Windows Mobile 6.5
If you happen to use a smartphone running on the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, then this isn’t good news for you – it seems that Adobe has indicated that Windows Mobile 6.5 users won’t be able to use Flash 10.1, as that version only applies to Windows Phone 7 owners. According to Adobe’s Antonio Flores, “We have made the tough decision to defer support for that platform until WinMo7. […]

Acer neoTouch P400 Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone
[MWC 2010] The neoTouch P400 could be seen as the Windows Mobile nemesis of the beTouch E400 (Android). However, the user experience is very different. Here, you have Windows Mobile 6.5 – and that’s convenient if you edit Office documents, but to be honest, the application offering lacks sexiness. Now that we’ve seen Windows Phone 7 Series in action – it is really hard to get excited by a Windows […]

HTC Ozone Gets Unofficial Windows Mobile 6.5 Update
While the HTC Ozone hasn’t received an official Windows Mobile 6.5 update just yet, owners of said phone can take comfort in the fact that some folks have come up with a custom ROM for the HTC Ozone, updating it to Windows Mobile 6.5. It’s not a major update, but you’ll get some nice improvements such as graphic enhancements, Marketplace, MyPhone, better battery life, performance improvements, better Exchange support and […]

Orange Touch Pro2 Gets WinMob 6.5 Update
While HTC’s Touch Pro2 has had the Windows Mobile 6.5 update for quite some time now, folks who are on Orange’s network have been made to wait. Fortunately, your patience has been paid off, and you can now happily head off to HTC’s support page and download the update. As usual, do remember to back up your data and settings before attempting to perform a firmware update. Check out the […]

HTC Touch Diamond 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 update
HTC has finally unveiled the official Windows Mobile 6.5 update for their Touch Diamond 2 smartphone, where you will get the following versions in their respective regions :- Germany: 2.16.407.1 Denmark: 2.16.403.1 United Kingdom: 2.16.405.4 Sweden: 2.16.413.1 Norway: 2.16.409.1 Portugal: 2.16.410.1 These are full-on ROM upgrades, so make sure you have your precious data stashed away somewhere else before making the jump.

Samsung Omnias to get Windows Mobile 6.5
Looks like not only the Samsung Omnia i900 will be getting a Windows Mobile 6.5 update for free, the rest of the Omnia range will also benefit including the Omnia IIs, B7610s and B7320s. As for the Omnia Pro B7330, the i8000, B7320, B7300 and B7610, these will come pre-loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5 to get you started right out of the box, although Samsung has shamelessly remained coy about […]

Samsung Omnia i900 to get Windows Mobile 6.5
Owners of the Samsung Omnia i900 seem set to receive an update of Windows Mobile 6.5 for their devices, although there is no word on an exact release date just yet. While many newer handsets have already rolled out since the Omnia made its debut, the Windows Mobile 6.5 update might just prolong its shelf life for a little bit longer, while putting off the purchase of phones from other […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 devices land on October 6th
Microsoft has officially announced that the first wave of Windows Mobile 6.5 will arrive on October 6. Here’s how Microsoft puts it: “will deliver new customer experiences through an improved, easy-to-use user interface, better browsing capabilities and access to valuable services”.Read our Windows Mobile 6.5 Review, but basically, Microsoft brought Windows Mobile back to a place where the user interface is “OK” for touch phones (6.1 is terrible). WM 6.5 also represents […]