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Dell looks to Windows 8 tablet
Windows 7 might be top dog at the moment, but when it comes to Windows 8, there is still very little that we know about it. We do know, however, that Dell is part of the plan where Windows 8 is concerned, especially since the computer company is working on a tablet that will be able to support Windows 8. At this year’s Dell World in Texas, Michael Dell mentioned […]

Windows 8 installation on HTC Shift made easy
Do you happen to own a HTC Shift that hails from the 2007 era, and ponder over what you could use it for in modern day context apart from being a paperweight? Here is an idea – why not install Windows 8 on this puppy?The good people over at XDA Developers managed to get Microsoft’s latest Developer Preview OS up and running onto the aged UMPC, so those who have […]

Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death gets a sad smiley
The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) was always full of text as well as some code numbers, and it is never a happy thing to see it – especially when you’ve just spent the better part of the day doing your work, only to realize that you forgot to save when the dreaded BSoD comes about like a thief in the night. This is when you start to spew curses […]

Xbox LIVE on Windows 8 confirmed
It is confirmed: Xbox LIVE will be arriving on the PC platform, thanks to Xbox LIVE on Windows 8. Basically, this means Xbox LIVE will deliver your games, music, movies, and TV shows over to a slew of Microsoft Windows-powered devices., and not only on the desktop computer only. Microsoft claims that delivering Xbox LIVE to Windows 8 is just part of their vision so that you will be able […]


Windows 8 has keyboard like Windows Phone
Windows Phone 7 is still miles away from the Android and iOS platforms, but that does not mean Microsoft is going to give up on their endeavors so soon. Well, it seems that there is the latest leaked build of Windows 8 that has rolled out, showing off a metro-inspired virtual keyboard alongside additional code traces which could deliver SMS 3G-enabled Windows 8 devices.Buried deep inside the Windows 8 code, […]

Windows 8 explores possibilities of adaptive, full 3D Wind interface
Windows 7 isn’t even halfway through its life cycle just yet, and here we have more news of Windows 8 – apparently, when it ships, there is a possibility of it featuring a radical revision of the interface for higher-end users. You might see the end of the Aero interface, which will be replaced by Wind alongside a fully 3D interface. The user interface itself will be entirely adaptive, where […]