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Lenovo ThinkPad P1: The Workstation Version of X1 Extreme
Lenovo is busy launching new professional products this week, and the ThinkPad P1 is the laptop that we like the most.

Lenovo ThinkPad P73 17.3-Inch Workstation With 128GB of RAM
The ThinkPad P73 17.3” workstation laptop is probably the most powerful mobile computer that Lenovo has to offer today, as it comes with the latest from Intel and NVIDIA and as the title suggests, a maximum of 128GB of RAM and 6TB of SSD storage.

Lenovo ThinkPad P1, A 15.6-inch Thin & Light Mobile WorkstationEditor's Pick
Lenovo has just announced a new workstation laptop, the ThinkPad P1. A brand new line within the ThinkPad P-Series, the P1 is a 15.6” thin (18.4mm) and light (3.76 Lbs) workstation with excellent display options  and impressive memory and storage options.

New Lenovo Mobile Workstations At SOLIDWORKS World 2017
As SOLIDWORKS World 2017 opens, Lenovo is announcing three new mobile workstations laptops with the ThinkPad P51s, ThinkPad P51, and ThinkPad P71. All three have common traits such as 4K UHD display, NVIDIA Quadro graphics processor, and Intel processors. All workstations can pass some MIL-Specs endurance, and without further details from Lenovo, we will assume that these are the MIL-810G transit drop tests. They target different segments of the portable workstation […]


HP Unveils ZBook 15u G2 Mobile Workstation
Some users might prefer to use a desktop for more powerful computing needs. This is because desktops tend to be cheaper if one were to build a more powerful system versus laptops where the premium is placed on mobility. That being said if you have to have a powerful system with you on the go, HP’s recently announced ZBook 15u G2 mobile workstation could be worth taking a look at.