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Xiaomi Mi 4c Explodes In Owner’s Pocket, Causes Third Degree Burns
With the alarming increase in reports of smartphones exploding, the development of safer batteries could not come any sooner. However until that happens, it certainly does evoke a feel that we’re all walking around with potential bombs in our pockets, and while the focus does seem to be on Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7, other brands seem to be experiencing it too.

Xiaomi Mi 4c Has Been Officially Launched
It has been rumored that the Xiaomi Mi 4c is a device that will be launched by the company and sure enough they have. For those who are wondering what Xiaomi is up to, the company has officially announced their latest flagship smartphone in the form of the Xiaomi Mi 4c, which according to them will be a China-only flagship handset.Sure enough the specs also appear to be right on […]

Xiaomi Mi 4c Set To Arrive In Various Colors
The folks over at Xiaomi are all set to show off their latest addition to their growing stable of smartphones, namely the Xiaomi Mi 4c. This is more or less the Xiaomi Mi 4i which made its debut in India earlier this April, and I do suppose that the letter located at the end of the name does signify the country in which it is launched in. Well, since some […]

Xiaomi Mi 4c Plays Nice With MicroUSB Cables
There seems to be a spanking new handset that is well on its way from the folks over at Xiaomi, where it will be known as the Xiaomi Mi 4c that is all set to be revealed later next week. What we do know about the Xiaomi Mi 4c is that it will be able to support the USB Type-C connection, and not only that, it seems that this particular […]