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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Reveal Confirmed for September 11th
Xiaomi captured its fans attention with the Mi Mix last year. It truly pushed the boundaries of what a bezel-less smartphone could be. It even had a ceramic back for added flair. Xiaomi is now getting ready to launch a successor to the device. The company has confirmed that it’s going to unveil the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 on September 11th.

Xiaomi Rubbishes Mi Mix Nano Rumors
Xiaomi recently unveiled a new smartphone called the Mi Mix. It provided a lot of good press for the company as the device is quite different from most of its rivals in the smartphone market today. The company is riding high on that wave of good press but it’s also having to deal with rumors, not that’s it’s always bad to be at the center of rumors, there’s no such […]

First Batch Of Xiaomi Mi Mix Handsets Sell Out In 10 Seconds
A couple of days ago we reported that the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 had sold out its first batch in an impressive 50 seconds. If you thought that was fast, think again because according to the latest reports, Xiaomi’s dreamy Mi Mix handset managed to sell out of its first batch in a stunning 10 seconds, essentially making it Xiaomi’s fastest selling smartphone ever.

A Dropped Xiaomi Mi Mix Is Exactly How You Think It Looks Like
So a couple of weeks ago, Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi Mi Mix, a phone with a nearly edgeless display (or maybe not). We can only imagine that as technology gets better, more companies will start to create edgeless display-like designs, but a recent photo has surfaced which shows the pitfall of owning such a device.


The Xiaomi Mi Mix Might Not Be As ‘Edgeless’ As We Thought
Yesterday we reported that Xiaomi had announced their latest smartphone in the form of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. We called the phone the phone of our dreams because it sports a breathtaking design with an almost edgeless display. In the promo images, it shows how the bezels around the phone are practically non-existent.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Looks Like The Phone Of Our Dreams
According to the rumors, Apple’s 2017 iPhone will feature an edgeless display, but unfortunately it seems that Apple won’t be the first to the market with such a device. It looks like Xiaomi could have beaten them to the punch with the launch of the Mi Mix, a phone that had originally existed as a concept idea but is now being made into a reality.