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ASUS ZenWatch 3 Finally Receives Android Wear 2.0 Update
For whatever reason, the Android Wear 2.0 update for the ASUS ZenWatch 2 and ZenWatch 3 was delayed. However we had heard that the update could arrive for the ZenWatch 3 on the 11th of July, but clearly that did not happen. However the good news is that it is finally here, and better late than never, right?

Android Wear 2.0 Release For Asus ZenWatch 2 & 3 Delayed Again
Waiting for new software updates to arrive is really not that great, particularly when similar devices from other manufacturers have already received them. Google published a list of all smartwatches that would receive the Android Wear 2.0 update earlier this year. Many devices on that list have received said update but the ZenWatch 2 and ZenWatch 3 from Asus still haven’t. Owners of these smartwatches will now have to wait […]

ASUS ZenWatch 2 And 3 Android Wear 2.0 Release Not Due Before Q2
Google was first supposed to launch Android Wear 2.0 last year but the company decided to delay the release as it wanted to take more time to further polish the next iteration of its wearable device platform. It has finally released Android Wear 2.0 and has also worked with LG to launch two new smartwatches that are the first to be powered by it. Some older smartwatches are compatible with […]

ASUS ZenWatch 3 Officially Unveiled
After seeing leaked photos and hearing rumors, it looks like ASUS has officially taken the wraps off the ASUS ZenWatch 3. This is the company’s latest wearables effort and it is also the first time the company has released a smartwatch with a round face. Their previous efforts were smartwatches that were of the square-ish variety.


Clearer ASUS ZenWatch 3 Render Shows Us What To Expect
From what we heard, ASUS has a new smartwatch in the works in the form of the ASUS ZenWatch 3. Just last week, photos of the device surfaced which revealed its round watch face and on its side, three buttons. Now thanks to an official render, we have a clearer look at what the ZenWatch 3 will be bring to the table in terms of design.

ASUS Teases ‘Incredible Is Coming’ On The 31st Of August
The other day leaked photos revealed ASUS’ upcoming ZenWatch 3. It looks like with the ZenWatch 3, ASUS will be departing from the square-ish design of the ZenWatch and ZenWatch 2 into a circular design that many other companies such as LG, Samsung, and Motorola have adopted.

Alleged ASUS ZenWatch 3 Photos Surface
Despite companies like Samsung, LG, and Motorola creating round smartwatches, ASUS decided to be a bit different by sticking to the square-ish design that we saw in the ASUS ZenWatch and ZenWatch 2. However as you might have heard, the upcoming ASUS ZenWatch 3 is said to be of the circular variety.

FCC Filing Reveals Next Asus Smartwatch Will Be Round
It appears that Asus is jumping on the round smartwatch bandwagon. An FCC filing made by the company recently has been spotted and it reveals that the company’s next smartwatch, the Asus Zenwatch 3, is going to be round. Round smartwatches have already been popularized by the likes of Motorola, Samsung, and Huawei so Asus won’t really be breaking any new ground by coming out with one. How its new […]