MakerLegoBot develops Lego sculptures of its own

Remember the terror that Skynet wrought when it became self-aware? Well, what you see above known as the MakerLegoBot could very well usher in a new age of robots, but we do think that it will take quite some time before that happens. Will Gorman, a software engineer, is the brains behind the MakerLegoBot machine which will be able to take a virtual 3D model and assemble it using nothing but Lego bricks. How about that for smarts? To make matters all the more impressive, the machine itself is constructed out of Lego, so theoretically speaking, it can make copies of itself. Comprising of three Lego Mindstorms NXT Bricks and 9 NXT motors, you can check out a video of the MakerLegoBot in action in the extended post.

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