Is 3D going to be the buzzword for the year? Perhaps, what with stereoscopic 3D HDTVs making their way into the market, accompanied by equally capable computer monitors to boot. Of course, the smartphone industry has not forgotten either, with handsets such as the Sharp Lynx 3D, LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D already dipping their toes into the stereoscopic 3D market to pave the way ahead of its successors. Nokia, the ailing cell phone manufacturing company from Finland, might be in with a shout as well as they work on an “autostereoscopic rendering and display apparatus”, at least according to the patent filing.

This is more or less a flip-open device that will boast a couple of displays, where one of them is 3D capable while the other remains fully entrenched in the 2D world (hello, Nintendo 3DS!). Apart from that, there will also be a bevy of cameras which monitors eye and finger movement so that it is able ot adjust the projected 3D image for best appearance while figuring out the exact position of your hand in relation to that.

The secondary 2D display might be used to show off a shadow of the projected image for the projected 3D image experience to be a full fledged one. No idea on just how Nokia’s engineers are going to realize this dream, but good luck to them!

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