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Jawbone ICON HD + The Nerd

Jawbone is coming up with a new innovative Bluetooth headset, the ICON HD that is now paired with the Nerd, a USB key that can be plugged in any computer, this combination allows to connect with any two devices (laptop, phone, tablet) and switch between audio (music, video, games) and calls from mobile and VoIP (Skype for example), and you will get the ICON HD+The Nerd bundle for $139.

As soon as the Nerd USB audio adapter is plugged in your computer the device is recognized as a USB audio device and connects to the ICON HD headset, no software download is required. Then it will be easy to switch from listening to music or video to take calls, both on the computer and on the mobile phone, if they have been previously both paired with the Nerd and the ICON HD.

The ICON HD is based on the Jawbone ICON line of Bluetooth headsets that feature subtle and elegant textures in a wide range of discreet colors, check out the various models on the company website.

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Jawbone ICON HD + The Nerd

According to Jawbone, the ICON HD offers a 25% % larger wideband speaker than the original ICON that delivers a clear sound in Hi-Definition audio. Similarly to previous ICON models, it features military-grade noise-cancelling NoiseAssassin 2.5 technology.

Just like any Jawbone device, the ICON HD +The Nerd can be updated via MyTalk platform and “applications” (additional functions) can be downloaded to the devices. For Android users, the new Jawbone Companion app will be practical to get, it allows viewing the headset’s remaining battery life directly on the phone, and dial-in to conference calls on the calendar, directly from the ICON HD. For a complete list of compatible Android devices, go to Jawbone.com/Companion.

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Jawbone ICON HD + The Nerd - what is in the box

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