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Huawei Talkband N1 BT Headset
The Talkband N1 is Huawei’s headset/Mp3 player for those who won’t want to exercise with their phones on them. There are countless bluetooth “sports” headsets on the market today, and many boast a great battery life, a water and shock-proof body, but ultimately, you still have to carry your phone (or a music player) which may not be waterproof nor shockproof…

Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics has a new high-performance Bluetooth Headset called the Voyager Edge which brings many of the features of the top of the line Voyager Legend, but comes in a smaller package and with my favorite feature: the micro USB charging port. I have used the Voyager Legend back when it was launched and although I did appreciate the extremely high audio quality and the long battery life, the proprietary charging […]

LG BTS1 Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth headsets are plentiful in the market, and it is not too often that you see a smartphone manufacturer take the time and effort to allocate some resources for a niche market, working on something that is not their forte. LG, however, has just introduced the LG BTS1 Bluetooth Headset in South Korea, where it is relatively tiny with measurements that would rival that of a matchbox (we are talking […]

Jabra Motion Series Employs Sensor Technology In Headsets
Jabra has gone one step further in the design of its Motion series Bluetooth headsets by introducing motion sensors. The device will react to the user’s movements and will operate accordingly.Perhaps the best feature of motion sensor technology placed in the Jabra Headset will be the call pickup feature, when you pick up the headset. It also adjusts the call volume according to the noise level around the user with […]


Bose Bluetooth Series 2 headset
Bose, the purveyor of all things high end where consumer electronics are concerned (in the audio visual category, of course), has just announced the Bose Bluetooth Series 2 headset. This is definitely not the first Bluetooth headset from them, so you can be sure with their experience in the previous outing, they are able to churn out something better than its predecessor. The Bose Bluetooth Series 2 headset will feature […]

Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth headset is now available
There was some talk circulating the Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth headset since it was first announced not too long ago, but at last, it has been brought Stateside so that it can finally find its way to hang on your ear and let you enjoy this thing called “hands-free conversations”. Basically, Samsung intends to take a different route with their HM7000 in terms of design by making it far slimmer that […]

Sound ID Six Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth headsets aren’t exactly the most desirable devices to own in the world, but then again, they are a necessity in urban environments – simply because it is dangerous to drive while talking or texting on the phone. Sound ID knows this, and decided to come up with the Sound ID Six that is touted to “redefine the Bluetooth headset experience.”

Bose unveils Series 2 Bluetooth headset
Bose is a company known for creating audio products, such as home theatre systems, speaker systems for computers, speaker docks for iOS devices, headphones and earphones, and it looks like Bose will be dipping their toes into yet another Bluetooth headset device with the Series 2.

Plantronics Marque M155 Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth headsets are dime a dozen, but one name does stand out from the rest of the mish mash, where the majority of them hail from China – and that is the Plantronics Marque M155. Do not be fooled by the relatively diminutive size of the M155, as it has a ‘bite’ which is far more dangerous than its ‘bark’.Capable of being paired to your iOS- or Android-powered smartphone, the […]

Skype for iOS works with Bluetooth headsets
Do you happen to enjoy using Skype on the iPhone? If you do, surely you must have been wondering how come that app failed to support Bluetooth headsets for the longest time. Well, this is no longer the case, where Skype’s iOS app has been given a shot in its arm so that it will be able to support Bluetooth devices – headsets being the primary peripheral of choice, and […]

Retro looking iPhone/iPod charging dock with Bluetooth headset
If you like the idea of marrying new technology with the old, perhaps this iPhone/iPod dock charger with a Bluetooth headset shaped in the style of a retro phone might appeal to you. As you can see from the photo above, the dock has been crafted in such a way that it appears to be rather vintage in design, and with the app running on the iPhone in the background, […]

Jawbone ICON HD + The Nerd
Jawbone is coming up with a new innovative Bluetooth headset, the ICON HD that is now paired with the Nerd, a USB key that can be plugged in any computer, this combination allows to connect with any two devices (laptop, phone, tablet) and switch between audio (music, video, games) and calls from mobile and VoIP (Skype for example), and you will get the ICON HD+The Nerd bundle for $139.As soon […]

Nokia BH-112 Bluetooth headset comes in a bevy of colors
When you want to go hands-free in your conversations over a cell phone while driving, there is no better way than to settle for a Bluetooth headset – of course, there is also the wired option if you so desire, but for total freedom, the Nokia BH-112 Bluetooth headset might be just your cup of tea. Not only is it small, compact and works well enough for something that retails […]

Bluetrek headsets reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cellphones
Remember our story earlier this week that pointed out new findings of an old study which claimed that being close proximity to cellphones for prolonged period of time might actually lead to one having a higher chance of getting cancer down the road? Well, public opinion is split down the middle on this one, and I don’t think many people are that paranoid to not use their handset at all, […]

Nokia J headset spotted at store's faucet department
We are guessing that the world is split into two different groups – one who loves collecting and actually using Bluetooth headsets, while the other absolutely loathes the idea of having something hanging off the ear, preferring to take the risk of picking up a ticket for not using a hands-free kit or device instead while on the road. For the former (and the latter who have been stung with […]

Bluetrek MusiCALL stereo Bluetooth headset
Bluetrek has just announced the latest addition to their family of Bluetooth headsets in the form of the MusiCALL stereo Bluetooth headset. This puppy will come with 3.5mm jack compatibility, so that works out great for just about everyone since 3.5mm is the de facto standard, and look set to be for a long time in coming. This makes it the perfect device to use when you want to connect […]

Samsung's super slim Bluetooth headset looks like a stick insect
Bluetooth headsets rarely make you look good, although there are some who swear by the Aliph Jawbone when it comes to style. I guess it really boils down to personal preference, but Samsung knows that there are some of you out there who are self-conscious, and prefer to hold a handset instead of talking to a Bluetooth headset. Enter this compromise which is a Bluetooth headset in reality, although it […]

Jabra announces STONE2 Bluetooth headset
[MWC] Jabra intends to set MWC 2011 alight with a couple of announcements, where the STONE2 Bluetooth headset makes waves by bringing a whole new level of usability to Bluetooth headsets. Expect to see a combination of features that are not short on style either, sharing a rather similar but revolutionary design as the hugely successful Jabra STONE. This next generation Jabra STONE2 will offer a new voice concept that […]

Plantronics Voyager PRO UC Bluetooth headset
Plantronics intends to introduce a revolution where Bluetooth headsets are concerned with their latest release, the Voyager PRO UC. Using smart sensor technology, it will rely on advanced hardware and software which will seamlessly eliminate communication complexity simply by detecting presence and integrating with your computer’s applications – hoping to deliver an enhanced headset experience in the process.Another thing that makes the Voyager Pro UC appealing would be its Auto […]

Nokia BH-806 Bluetooth headset jumps through FCC's hoops
The FCC has gotten their hands on the Nokia BH-806 Bluetooth headset, and are more than keen to check out every nook and cranny of the device before giving their collective nod of approval for it to be marketed and sold in the US. The BH-806 comes with a shiny chrome exterior that will definitely go some way in catching the eye. Apart from that, it boasts matching docks for […]