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BridgeCall App Integrates VOIP Seamlessly To Android Phones
Ever since the first VOIP call was created, the world has changed into a better place where it is possible to easily (and cheaply) keep in touch with people that matter in one’s lives, for a cost that was once unthinkable: free.  However, and despite the ubiquity of VOIP technology, the only way to have a truly seamless integration of VOIP in the mobile phone experience is a Carrier-supported WiFi […]

TextNow Launches VoIP Mobile Service, Plans Start At $19 Per Month
Some people go with carrier unlocked devices because they don’t want to be restricted to one carrier for two years. Though if you’re not comfortable with any sort of commitment with a carrier, TextNow is the perfect alternative. It is a mobile virtual network operator that allows users to make VoIP calls and send IP text messages, data traffic is routed over Sprint’s 3G network. TextNow is offering refurbished versions of […]

Facebook Ports Free VoIP Calling To Android Platform
We do know that Facebook, the world’s most popular social network at the moment, does offer VoIP calls to users of their app on the iOS platform, but it seems that Christmas has arrived slightly earlier this time around, where Facebook ported their free VoIP calling feature from iOS over to the Android operating system today. This particular tool would enable iOS as well as Android users to be able […]

Viber For Windows Phone 8 Submitted To The Windows Phone Store, Could See A Release This Week
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Viber with VOIP enabled would be coming to Windows Phone 8 in the near future, sometime towards the end of March and early April. While the app has yet to make its way into the Windows Phone Store, the good news is that the wait could be coming to an end. According to TruTower, Viber for Windows Phone 8 has been submitted […]


Facebook iPhone Messenger VoIP Feature Not Powered By Skype
Facebook announced yesterday its iPhone Messenger application would receive the ability to make VoIP calls in the U.S., which was previously only made available to Canadian users as a way to test the feature before rolling it out in the U.S. Seeing how friendly Facebook and Skype have been the past few years, we assumed they were behind Facebook’s Messenger app receiving the ability to make VoIP calls. It turns out, we […]

Facebook Rolls Out VoIP Calling To U.S. iPhone Messenger Users
Earlier this month, Facebook updated its iPhone Messenger App to be a little more than just a way for you to IM your Facebook friends, that is, if for some reason you prefer to do it in a standalone application rather than reading your messages through Facebook’s official app. The update brought the ability to share voice messages to Facebook users through the application, but in Canada, or the land of […]

Facebook Adds Voice Messages to Messenger App; VoIP Calls Being Tested In Canada
Facebook has been implementing the ideas of popular applications to its suite of apps, even going as far as to create its own Facebook Poke app that is pretty much its own version of Snapchat. Today’s update to its Facebook Messenger app is no different as the update rolling out to its iOS and Android application will make it possible for Facebook users to leave short voice messages to one another, […]

Rebtel Windows Phone app delivers low-cost international VoIP calling
Skype might have some competition on their hands with the introduction of Rebtel, a Windows Phone app which is said to offer cheap and affordable international VoIP calling. Of course, this is not Rebtel’s maiden foray into the VoIP arena, as they have already catered to iPhone, Android, iPad, and Android tablet users in the past. Second in size after Skype where the mobile VoIP market is concerned, Rebtel for […] lets you make calls from your web browser for free
If you love using Google Talk or the extremely popular VoIP service that is Skype, then perhaps will interest you. is a browser-based VoIP service that currently available for iPhone users. To use the app, users will have to create their own account first. Once inside the app, users will have the option to make calls and send text messages to other users, as well as […]

KakaoTalk's free call service launches in Korea despite operator resistance
In spite of the strong pressure it has faced from Korea’s top mobile carriers, mobile messaging company Kakao Inc. has launched its free mobile VoIP service KakaoTalk on Monday this week in its native hometown. Two weeks ago, the company introduced its free call feature to its users worldwide. The company said that the operator resistance was one reasons why the the launching of KakaoTalk with the free call feature in […]

HD Voice makes a splash
While we are more or less used to High Definition video, how about your ears? Are they up to snuff, what with the HD Voice making a splash in the VoIP scene? There is a way to measure sound quality, just like how pixel count matters where visuals are concerned. To get an idea on how HD Voice sounds like, GigaOM has decided to run a little experiment by recording […]

Ooma HD2 handset has smartphone features
[CES 2012] How many of you have a landline these days? I suppose the Justin Bieber generation would go, “What’s that?” Ooma does not offer a classic landline service, but rather, it is the leading provider of HD-quality free home phone service, and has the new Ooma HD2 Handset which offers cordless convenience to your pad, alongside superior HD Voice call clarity and smartphone features thanks to the Ooma cloud-enabled […]

Google Extends Free US and Canada Domestic Calling through 2012
Google is doing it again and has made VOIP calls from GMail free for the USA and Canada through 2012. It’s Google’s gift for the Holidays and Google also reminds everyone that it also offers calls to the rest of the world at rates that it calls “insanely low”.This is a great way to gift GMail users, while at the same time promoting Google’s VOIP capabilities. Chances are that a […]

Skype 5.7 beta for Windows slightly updated
Skype 5.7 beta for Windows (, download link) has received an update which features a few new /better functionalities:Group screen sharing: First, groups can now use screen sharing. This was previously only working with a one to one video chat. Business users will really like that one.Facebook calls: Skype can now call Facebook users directly. Ever since Skype was integrated to Facebook, both companies have been working to integrate further. Skype […]