Twitter phishing
A new Twitter phishing scam has been on the rise recently, and this time it takes the form of a direct message from hijacked accounts sending out concerned messages to its followers. The messages are something along the lines of: “I saw a real bad blog about you, you seen this?” with a shortened URL for you to click on. Clicking on it won’t do anything nasty right away, but it will lead you to a website that looks like the Twitter login page.

Besides the URL of the website, which a lot of people won’t notice (it’s instead of it looks like an authentic Twitter page. Folks who get duped into thinking they logged out will unknowingly enter their login details again into the website – and while we haven’t tried it, we know that good news won’t come out of it. So, if you’re on Twitter, be wary of the links you click on, especially if they’ve been shortened. Remember to follow us @ubergizmo – we won’t send any spam your way!

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