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LandingZone dock for the MacBook Air adds more ports

landingzoneOne of the drawbacks to owning the MacBook Air is its lack of USB ports. It features a maximum of two ports which limits the amount of peripherals you can attach to it at once. Well short of attaching a separate USB hub, what Kitae Kwon has created with his Kickstarter project is the LandingZone, an addon for the MacBook that not only elevates the laptop for better air ventilation, but will also add a series of ports that MacBook users may find useful.

According to LandingZone’s Kickstarter page, below is the list of features that MacBook users can expect with the device.

At this time of posting, the project is 31 days left to reach its goal of $50,000, although given that it’s at $33,528, we don’t see why the LandingZone couldn’t reach its target. If you’re interested in donating to get the LandingZone made into a reality, head on down to its Kickstarter page for more info.

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