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Standzout Shows Off Bandstand Apple Watch Dock
[CES 2015] It looks like the Apple Watch is going to be a hit – or at least, a company known as Standzout are betting in the general direction. Over at CES 2015, they have shown off the idea of the Bandstand Apple Watch dock, where this particular accessory has been described to be the “first great Apple Watch accessory,” and it will rely on an induction charging plate in […]

IOGEAR USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station Makes Its Mark
[CES 2014] I suppose for any self-respecting techie, one can never get enough of USB ports to go around. Having said that, USB 3.0 devices have become extremely common these days, so it is about time you made sure that the rest of your computing setup too, would be able to play nice with this particular USB standard. The IOGEAR USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station will fit the bill perfectly, […]

Skywood PhonePad Loves All Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
Samsung has definitely come into their own as a company that produces fantastic smartphones over the past few years (apart from them churning out a plethora of other consumer electronics goods, of course), and just in case you had picked up a Samsung Galaxy smartphone but wished for it to arrive with a larger display, fret not. You do not have to trade in your phone anytime soon, as a […]

Nexus 7 Dock Not Available On US Play Store
The Nexus 7 Dock is no longer available on the US Play Store.


Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock Now Available For $299
We caught a glimpse of the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock at CES 2012, and since then, the company has run the product through a redesign to make it appear a lot slimmer while also adding USB 3.0 ports to it. After much waiting, it looks like Belkin is finally ready to set its Thunderbolt Express Dock into the world as it’s now available to purchase.As you probably already know, the Thunderbolt Express […]

Nexus 7 Dock Arrives On Google Play Store
What is small and disappears quickly? Well, you can classify the Nexus 7 Dock as one of them for sure, where it has, at long last, arrived on the Google Play Store, but this cameo, as it felt that way, was so short lived since the accessory is apparently in great demand, and is already sold out, now how about that? When it was still available, the Nexus 7 Dock […]

Google Nexus 7 Dock Spotted
We did bring you word earlier this morning that there is a very distinct possibility of picking up a $99 Google Nexus 7 tablet in the near future, although that has yet to be confirmed. Having said that, why not accessorize your Nexus 7 tablet while you are at it? A mystery dock for the Nexus 7 has appeared on the Asus Japanese website, although it was depicted to be […]

The Dock+ looks like a pretty sturdy dock for the iPhone 5
When the iPhone 5 was released, Apple’s Phil Schiller reportedly said that there won’t be an official charging dock for Apple’s latest iPhone. Certainly not a deal breaker for many, but we’re sure that there are many users out there who wouldn’t mind the convenience and ergonomics that a dock could offer. However given that the Lightning adapter requires an authentication chip, we expect that there won’t be as many […]

Jarre Aeroskull speakers play nice with the iPhone 5
If you are the flamboyant type, then you would surely fall in love with the Jarre Aeroskull speakers at first glance. These are definitely eye catching to say the least, where it will come in 11 gobsmacking colors, including purple, red, silver and blue. Each of these speakers come in the shape of a skull, and will “wear” a pair of sunglasses which behind them lie a pair of 15 […]

Nexus 7 accessories leaked, incoming dock
Asus’ Nexus 7, the Google tablet that has certainly made its fair share of waves over the past few weeks, looks set to be on the receiving end of its fair share of accessories, no thanks to a leak of presentation files that have somehow managed to sneak and make a way to Nordic Hardware. Nordic Hardware, not wanting to be selfish, decided to share this bit of news with […]

Converge Docking Station Can Support 4 Devices at a Time
Converge is a docking station that can allow up to four devices to be charged and displayed at once. With four USB outlets, the wires can be tucked away out of sight with the “Stash” cable management system.

Sony’s Latest iOS Dock; Magnetic Fluid for Dampening
Earlier today, Japanese electronics giant Sony, announced two new speakers for Apple’s line of mobile devices which include the iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod. The all-in-one speakers are touted to be the first of its kind in using magnetic fluid for dampening. Both of the docks in question also feature DAB radios as well as CD plays. For one of two models named CMT-V75BTiP, your device will be […]

Ideal Timepiece iPhone dock now on Kickstarter
If you’re looking for a bedside dock to keep your iPhone 4S, the Ideal Timepiece might be what you’re looking for. Featuring a sleek, elegant and simple design, the Ideal Timepiece features pretty much everything you need in a dock: a channeled microphone port so you can still speak into it for Siri functionality and hands-free calls, a special speaker that makes use of acoustics to amplify your iPhone’s audio, […]

Invoxia AudiOffice is one fancy speaker dock
Need a nice speaker dock to place your iPhone or iPad when you’re sitting at your desk? Invoxia’s AudiOffice might be what you’re looking for. While it has nothing to do with Audi (let’s hope there won’t be any lawsuits thrown their way), it does look as premium as one. The AudiOffice is essentially a glorified speaker dock that is optimized for VoIP and video call apps. It features a […]