Nissan LEAFIf you are part of the electric vehicle brigade, then chances are you would have heard of the Nissan LEAF by now. This is Nissan’s version of the electric car, and just in case there is some sort of calamity that knocks out power to your home, how about turning your Nissan LEAF’s battery into an energy source? Nichicon has plans to sell their Vehicle-to-Home System “EV Power Station” from next month onwards in Japan, where this system will be able to enable one to draw juice from a large-capacity battery in an electric vehicle, making sure that the home is adequately powered as and when required.

Nichicon says, “There have been typical chargers and quick chargers, but they are limited to only charging. Having both charging and discharging functions, the EV Power Station is also the world’s first device capable of supplying household power. In the summer we look for ways to balance power supply and demand by cutting power consumption at peak times. Power consumption can be eased by having the battery discharge in the early afternoon. At night, this device can charge the vehicle battery.”

This particular device is not going to come cheap though, as the converted price point shows a rather hefty $6,000 figure.

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