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New Nissan Leaf Manages Over 200 Miles On A Single Charge
Nissan’s famous Leaf electric car will now be able to offer you more range. The company updated it back in 2017 and today it has introduced a new version of the Leaf. It’s called the Leaf e+ and can travel 226 miles on a single charge. Nissan says that this represents a 40 percent improvement in range. In the simplest of terms, the car has a bigger battery.

2018 Nissan Leaf Range And Specs Confirmed
The all-electric 2018 Nissan Leaf has been officially unveiled today by the Japanese car company. Nissan Leaf is one of the oldest production EVs so it’s interesting to see what its successor brings to the table. Nissan has updated the overall design and has also increased the range.

New Nissan Leaf May Be $5,000 Cheaper Than Tesla Model 3
The Tesla Model 3 is the first mass-market electric car from Tesla but it’s not the only electric car on the market that costs under $40,000. The Chevrolet Bolt is a bona fide mass-market all-electric competitor. The new Nissan Leaf will be one too. According to a new report, it may actually be $5,000 cheaper than the Tesla Model 3 which starts at $35,000.

New Nissan Leaf Seen In Leaked Images
It’s no secret that Nissan has a new all-electric car in the pipeline. The 2018 Nissan Leaf hasn’t been unveiled officially as yet but it appears that the first leaked images of the car have surfaced online today. The new Leaf is an important vehicle for Nissan as the company seeks to regain its position in the electric car market that has come under increasing pressure from the likes of […]


Next-Gen Nissan Leaf Electric Car Coming September 5th
Nissan had the Nissan Leaf electric car long before the Teslas and the Chevrolet Bolts of the world. The company is now gearing up to launch the next-generation Leaf EV. The official Twitter account of Nissan USA has posted a teaser image of the new car and has also mentioned that it will be formally unveiled on September 5th.

New Nissan Leaf Electric Car Will Have 200 Mile Range
Electric cars need to offer a substantial amount of range on a single charge for them to become a viable mode of transport. There are expensive options available in the market right now that provide a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge but in a year or so the entry cost will come down for people looking to switch. Tesla’s Model 3 and Chevy’s Bolt will both […]

Nissan’s LEAF Car Now Reads Minds
When the Nissan LEAF car was first released, it certainly caused plenty of waves, not because it had a design that split opinions right down the middle, nor for the fact that it is a small sized people mover, but simply because it was marketed to be an affordable electric car for the masses. It has since proven its worth on the road, and Nissan continues to make new strides […]

Nissan Issues Recall For 47,000 Leaf Electric Cars
Nissan has issued a recall for almost 47,000 of its Leaf electric cars, 46,859 to be precise, the recall includes Leaf models from 2013 to 2015 and has been issued because of potential braking issues. The Leaf might encounter trouble braking in extremely cold weather, and since braking is essential to the safety of the passengers and their fellow road users, Nissan has decided to issue this big recall to […]

Nissan Leaf Security Flaw Discovered
As our cars get more connected these days, not only does this mean that our vehicles are more than just transportation devices, but it also opens the door to the scary possibility that our vehicles could get hacked. Recently according to a report from Troy Hunt (via BBC), it seems that the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle might have a security flaw to it.

2016 Nissan Leaf Promises 107 Miles On A Single Charge
Electric cars are gradually becoming mainstream, on one hand you’ve got companies like Tesla that only make electric cars and on the other you have conventional car makers with a long history of making vehicles with internal combustion engines that are now also into the business of making EVs. Nissan is one such vehicle and its Leaf is actually one of the best selling electric cars on the market, now there’s […]

Nissan LEAF Battery Survives Abuse In Video
What do you think about the Nissan LEAF as an electric vehicle? We did take it out for a spin a few years back, but have not owned one until now. One of the major drawbacks of an electric vehicle would be its battery power, considering how the technology is still in its relative infancy compared to the normal gas-powered engines, how long can a battery last, and how affordable […]

Nissan Leaf Owner Arrested For Stealing Five Cents Worth Of Electricity
One of the main benefits to owning an electric car is the fact that you can hook up your vehicle to an outlet in order to juice it up, which is certainly more convenient than having to find a gas station to fill up your vehicle with fuel. But in the case of this story, the convenience of being able to hook up your electric car to any outlet got […]

Free Nissan Leaf Charging For One Year In Texas
Nissan does seem to be in the news more frequently these days, where we remember how the world stopped for a moment when they announced that they were about to jump aboard the smartwatch bandwagon. Well, we also received word that the self-driving Nissan car has gained its driver’s license in Japan, too, and here we are with more word from Nissan – directed to those living in Texas, USA. […]

Nissan LEAF Hits 78,000 Miles And Keeps On Going
The Nissan LEAF is still going strong after two years, and is a pretty durable ride.

DC Fast Chargers To Triple In The US, Thanks To Nissan
Nissan intends to make a green statement in the US just as they did in Europe, having set up DC fast charging stations all over the place in strategic locations in order to ensure that Nissan Leaf owners will not have to worry about their rides running out of juice unexpectedly. At the Washington Auto Show, Nissan announced that they will be collaborating with eVgo in order to install another […]

US Nissan Leaf Battery Warranty Upgraded
Don’t you just love upgrades? Owners of the Nissan Leaf in the US would be pleased to hear the words from Andy Palmer, Nissan’s executive vice president, when he wrote concerning a new enhancement to the “warranty coverage of the battery system that powers the Nissan Leaf.” If you were to put it in plain English, that means owners of the Nissan Leaf who has experienced a loss in battery […]

Nissan Leaf 2013 To Be Cheaper
Have you decided to jump aboard the electric car bandwagon just yet? Sure, unless you settle for the high end models that cost more than a hundred grand each, electric cars do not have the kind of sprinting performance that petrol powered engines have, but at least they do their part in helping you keep the environment nice and green – to a certain extent, of course. One of the […]

Nissan Leaf stretch limo edition
Cars, unlike humans, do not need to “grow up”, but they can experience different versions for a same model. Case in point, the all-electric Nissan Leaf will soon arrive for the masses in the form of a stretch limo edition, where the first of its kind had already debuted in Tennessee. Perhaps this will usher in a new era of eco-conscious celebrities who might reconsider their Toyota Prius and actually […]

Nissan unveils new battery capacity estimators
Nissan has just revealed a very useful service for its popular electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf. The service allows the owner of  Leaf to better gauge whether or not their battery has enough power left to get them to their destination. The service will be accessible through the internet and via a smartphone app as well.Basically, you plug in a destination and it will tell you how much battery capacity […]

Nissan LEAF's battery good enough to power homes
If you are part of the electric vehicle brigade, then chances are you would have heard of the Nissan LEAF by now. This is Nissan’s version of the electric car, and just in case there is some sort of calamity that knocks out power to your home, how about turning your Nissan LEAF’s battery into an energy source? Nichicon has plans to sell their Vehicle-to-Home System “EV Power Station” from […]