Rare, Vintage iPod Spotted On eBay For $25,000

If you think about the iPod today, you wouldn’t think that Apple would have needed help trying to sell the device, right? That might be true today, but 9 years ago might have been a different story because it seems that Apple and HP teamed up to create an iPod with HP’s logo at the back. It’s a rare piece of gadgetry and if you’re a collector of gadgets of the past, or if you know someone who is, it seems that an auction on eBay has been spotted where the seller is auctioning off a “rare vintage collectors iPod”, which is basically the iPod with HP’s logo on the back.

While this device might be news to some, what came as a bigger shock was the asking price which is set at a staggering $25,000! We’re not sure who will be willing to pay for such a device, but considering that this joint venture with HP ran from 2004 to 2005, we expect that there aren’t too many units out there. Either way if you’re interested in checking out the auction (which is ending in 15 hours at this time of posting), head on over to its eBay page for the details.

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