Have you heard enough about the Xbox One since its big reveal earlier this week? It seems the majority of news surrounding the next-generation console has been negative, but a new rumor may have outted a cool feature Microsoft hasn’t officially announced.

The rumor points to a feature that will make it possible to remotely play on the Xbox One through Skype. The feature would allow someone to remotely take over another person’s local console directly from within a Skype call, which can be broken by either player at any time during the call. As of now, the supposed feature is currently in its testing phases as sources note a number of details are still unsure, such as how long a remote play session can last for or if the other person controlling the local console would need to own the game or not.

Considering Sony announced its PlayStation 4 would feature the ability for players to take over someone else’s game if given the opportunity, this leads us to believe this was a last-minute feature Microsoft may have wanted to implement in its Xbox One after seeing it done by Sony. Either way, helping each other out through a tough level is something we’re sure many people would love to have as an option.

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