So we sort of know that at MWC 2014, Nokia will be officially taking the wraps off its much rumored Android handset, the Nokia Normandy/Nokia X. In the meantime, rumors and leaks aside, Nokia has also been teasing its customers by turning its social media pages green, and in the latest teaser trailer for MWC 2014, Nokia has released a short clip in which an entire bunch of ducks can be seen in the water and are swimming towards a red traffic light. Did we mention that the ducks are green too? We’re not sure if there is any significance in the ducks, but the green is pretty telling as it looks like the same shade of green that Nokia has used with the Nokia X, at least based on press renders.

Let’s not forget that green is also the color of choice for the Android mascot, so that’s pretty telling as well. Hopefully when Nokia officially unveils the device, the ducks will start to make sense. It’s either that or that’s just some weird marketing on Nokia’s part. As a quick recap for our readers who might have forgotten, the Nokia X is a low-end Android device with a dual-core processor, a 800×480 touchscreen display, a 5MP camera, and will run on a forked version of Android which looks a lot like the tiled interface of Windows Phone. In the meantime what do you guys think these ducks mean?

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