Nokia’s preferred colors for its branding have almost always been blue and white, though recently when it went green, speculation fired about once again about its much rumored Nokia X smartphone. Since last year it has been rumored consistently that Nokia is working on an Android powered smartphone, even though for the last couple of years it has only exclusively made Windows Phone smartphones. The device is reportedly called Nokia X, and the Nokia MWC 2014 webcast teaser certainly seems to hint at that, with four arrows converging to form an X above a green background.

In under a week we’ll know for sure what Nokia is hiding up its sleeve. The company is going to make an announcement at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, it already has a countdown timer up on its official blog that’s counting down the time till the webcast. Last year at this major industry conference Nokia unveiled the insanely popular Lumia 520, the Lumia 720 as well as the Nokia 301 and Nokia 105. Not only is it expected to unveil the Android phone here, rumors also hint at the possibility of a Lumia 1520 mini and a Lumia 1820 phablet. Since the company hasn’t confirmed anything as yet we can’t absolutely be sure what’s on the cards for MWC 2014 but fortunately the event isn’t that far off.

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