nokia-socialBy now we’re sure everyone is probably aware that Nokia has an Android phone in the works that would most likely see an announcement at MWC 2014. Dubbed the Nokia Normandy/Nokia X, it has been generating a fair amount of interest simply due to the fact that Nokia is on the verge of being acquired by Microsoft, so releasing/announcing an Android phone is definitely an interesting move. That being said, Nokia’s social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter have undergone a new color scheme – green, which many have begun to speculate could be Android-related.

This is because the Android mascot s typically shown in green, and while the green might not necessarily be the same green as the mascot, it is one of the many shades of green which has some speculating that Nokia could be gearing up for its Normandy announcement. Interestingly enough the changes to the color scheme were made today ahead of Valentines Day where Nokia supposedly has an announcement that might be related to the Nokia Lumia 630/Moneypenny, so we’re not sure if the change in color scheme might have something to do with that announcement or if it is simply in preparation for MWC 2014. What do you guys think?

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