MWC (Mobile World Congress)

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is the world’s most important wireless communication trade show. It is held in Barcelona gathers between 60,000 and 70,000 industry insiders and decision-makers. Until 2006, the same event was called 3GSM World, but it was clear that the “3G” name couldn’t stick for long, so a longer-term solution was devised. Mobile World Congress is organized by GSMA, which is the GSM Association supported by carriers and other wireless industry companies. GSMA was formed in 1995.

ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE: Video Hands-On
The ZTE Grand Memo II is not a phone that is well known in the U.S yet, but upon playing with it at Mobile World Congress 2014, I thought that it was another interesting mid-range smartphone that is set to fight in a ferociously competitive handset market for this year. For consumers, handsets like these mean that it is not necessary to pay top dollars to get a large 6” […]

HTC Desire 816, Hands-On Preview
As you know, the HTC Desire 816 was announced at Mobile World Congress 2014 recently. It wasn’t a huge launch with the usual fanfare that phones like the next HTC One aka M8 will get, but since it’s a mid-range smartphone, it will likely sell more units worldwide (HTC’s stock price is actually up following a 450,000 units pre-order). Since I’m back from Europe, it’s a good time to go […]

Best of MWC 2014 @ Ubergizmo
Mobile World Congress 2014 is will soon end, and before we leave Barcelona, we wanted to take a look back on the products that we think will have a great impact on the market, or set some trends in 2014. There are several takeaways from MWC 2014: “Raw performance” has a longer cycle The mid-range smartphones is where the growth is There is still much room left for meaningful innovations […]

Ubuntu Phones Will Hit The Market This Fall
Canonical tried to enter the smartphone game by building its very own phone, the Ubuntu Edge, but unfortunately that project failed to kick off due to insufficient crowdfunding. Since then the company has been perfecting Ubuntu OS for phones and has even released test builds for Nexus devices. Canonical has already revealed plans of teaming up with OEMs to bring Ubuntu phones to the market, now the CEO has confirmed […]


Samsung Knox 2.0: Ready For Small Businesses And Cloud Management
Launched last year at Mobile World Congress, Samsung’s security platform Knox is about to see a second evolution which will bring significantly important new use cases and potentially serve a lot more users in the small business (SMB) space. To mark the importance of Knox in Samsung’s overall strategy, Mr. J.K Shin himself (CEO of Samsung Mobile and IT) presided the event and introduced a high-level view of the current […]

Nokia X Not Coming To The U.S.
At Mobile World Congress 2014, Nokia announced its much rumored Nokia X lineup. What was believed to be one Android device turned out to be a trio of Android phones in various sizes. The Nokia X, X+ and XL offer highly forked versions of Google’s mobile operating system in the company’s usual colorful designs. They lean on Microsoft services, as opposed to Google’s, and are served by Nokia’s own app store. […]

PayPal To Support Fingerprint Authorization For Payments Via Samsung Galaxy S5
[MWC 2014] It was some time last week when we brought you word that Samsung might unveil a working partnership of sorts with PayPal at this week’s Mobile World Congress, and it seemed that such a rumor was right on the money. In fact, PayPal has made an announcement that the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S5 will have the honor of being the first smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer […]

Fujitsu Prototype Tablet Has Haptic Screen Technology
[MWC 2014] Before MWC 2014 kicked off this year, we did take a look at a glove-style wearable device, and this time around, it would be a new prototype tablet that sports a touchscreen display which will be able to convey a sense of “slipperiness” or “roughness”, where all of this will depend on the kind of image that is being shown. This particular haptic, or tactic, sensory technology was […]

WhatsApp Worth More Than $19 Billion: Mark Zuckerberg
Billion dollar acquisitions in the tech industry are nothing new, but they rarely catch the attention of people who don’t usually follow industry news. A recent acquisition has got everyone talking though, and it makes sense why, considering Facebook decided to buy WhatsApp for an eye watering $19 billion. Analysts have questioned the value, critics hold the view that Facebook paid too much. However Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, believes that […]

LG F90 Mid-Ranged Handset Unveiled
The other day LG announced the LG F70 which was a mid-ranged phone. This came as something of a surprise given that LG had previously unveiled the LG G Pro 2 and the L90, L70, and L40 handsets ahead of MWC 2014, so we had thought perhaps that was all LG had to offer this year.Well it looks like apart from the LG F70, the company also has an LG […]

BlackBerry Q20 Announced With Integrated Trackpad
One of the more unique features of older BlackBerry devices like the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is that it came with a track embedded into the center button. It was a clever design as it allowed users to quickly scroll through websites, photos, messages, and emails at a flick of their finger/thumb, almost like how you would scroll on a touchscreen phone.According to the rumors, BlackBerry would be reintroducing the trackpad […]

BlackBerry Z3 Smartphone Announced
Sure enough according to the rumors and the reports, BlackBerry did announce a new handset at MWC 2014 and it came in the form of the BlackBerry Z3, or as it was known by its codename, the BlackBerry Jakarta. This is one of the first of many smartphones that BlackBerry will be producing in their partnership with Foxconn. 

Panasonic FZ-E1 Runs On Windows Embedded 8 Handheld
[MWC 2014] Panasonic has made a return to the smartphone scene, although their most recent release will be far from a crowd puller since it runs on Windows Embedded 8 Handheld as the mobile operating system of choice. Yes sir, no Android, Windows Phone 8, Firefox OS and obviously not iOS, but Windows Embedded 8 Handheld. I am quite sure that this is the first time for some to have […]

ASUS Fonepad 7 Gets 2 More Models
[MWC 2014] The folks over at ASUS has just introduced a couple more models for the Fonepad 7 line, where the first of the two would be the ASUS Fonepad 7 LTE (ME372CL), which happens to be a 7-inch phablet that has built-in LTE connectivity in addition to phone functionality for those who prefer to carry around an uncompromising device that will offer fast Internet connectivity as well as the […]