Dell Inspiron XPS2, l'ultime portable pour jouer
Bodypad: using body motion to play on consoles games
Bodypad is the new revolutionary system for playing console games using body motions. No more joysticks or buttons!


The system is patented in Europe, Australia and China (soon worldwide) by a french development company in partnership with BigBen Interactive, France based european leader in editing and manufacturing gaming accessories.
This new toy has been introduced this week at the annual Video Game trade show in Cannes, France.

I like this gadget a lot because it is compatible with popular games such as Tekken (PSX), SoulCalibur (PSX), Dead or Alive Ultimate (PSX and Xbox).
See the full game list for PSX
See the full game list for Xbox

For about 60 euros (dollars ? no clue), you can wear sensors on your arms, legs and hands that reproduce your body motion on screen using a radio connection.

More details on how it works on the explanation page

Product page english Bodypad PSX

Product page (english) Bodypad Xbox
BigBen Interactive

via L’atelier (French))

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