North Face Met 5 Jacket with Polartec Heat technology

The North Face Met 5 Jacket uses Polartec Heat technology to add more warmth on top of normal insulation. The Polartec Power Shield fabric combined with the aforementioned technology is able to provide warmth on demand via 3 user adjustable heating levels that are powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. This $599.95 jacket grows hotter or cooler according to your needs, eliminating the extra weight on chilly days. (features below) Via Travelizmo •Polartec® Power Shield® fabric is combined with Polartec Heat Technology to provide warmth on demand via 3 user adjustment heating levels; runs on rechargeable lithium ion batteries
•Since the system provides heat only when needed it helps reduce the need to add or subtract layers during stop and go activities
•A new streamlined design puts the recessed interface in an easy-to-use location that won’t interfere with a pack belt or climbing harness
• Dual zippered hand pockets and Napoleon zippered pocket for secure storage

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