Seitz 6x17 digital panorama camera

Has radiation at the Seitz warehouse turned the Seitz 6×17 digital camera into some warped behemoth? The size is for real, and this monster of a digital camera is capable of caputring a 160 million pixel image – to save your brain some work, that translates to 160 megapixels under the metric system. The Seitz 6×17 has an extremely broad ISO range of 500 to 10,000, while its high read-out speed of 300MB/s makes it 100 times faster than any existing scan back. You can pick up the Seitz 6×17 when it is released next year after selling off your car, the dog, and mortgage your house. Just make sure you have at least $33,000 sitting in the bank before making a purchase. More specs are available after the jump.

• Stages: Multiple for sensitivity control
• Vertical resolution: 7,500 pixels (60mm)
• Pixel size: 8µm x 8µm
• Noise level: 19 electrons / 50,000
• Dynamic range: 1 : 2,600 (11 f-stops)
• Anti-Blooming: More than 1,000x
• Total resolution: 160 million pixels
• File sizes: RAW (16-bit) @ 307 MB
• Time for 6×17 panorama: Ëœ1 sec. at full speed/resolution
• Exposure range: From 1/20’000 sec.
• Exposure control: Automatic or manual
• ISO/ASA equivalent: 500, 1’250, 2’500, 5’000, 10’000 by stage selection
• Image format : Pp to 6×17; adjustable vertically and horizontally
• Width: 495mm x 175mm x 95mm
• Weight: 2.8 kg
• Image transfer: Gigabit Ethernet

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