Asus adds graphical muscle to notebooks

CES Unveiled – If you think your current notebook is rather wimpy when it comes to graphical power, fret not. Asus has heard the clarion call and decided to help those who want to play The Elder Scrolls – Oblivion in high resolution on the go by unveiling the Asus XG Station at CES. This device is essentially an external housing for the PCI-E bus, offering a dial which overclocks your GPU simply by turning it clockwise. There is a real-time display of the hardware on the monitor that will alert you before you accidentally burn up that swanky $500 graphics card. According to the folks at the Asus booth, they are likely to offer it as a bundle with a video card already inside (in different configurations, of course) rather then selling the external housing as a standalone device. It should hit the market in approximately two months’ time at a price that hovers around $600 (with a high-end GPU). Asus also mentioned the possibility of developing a dual-GPU housing sometime down the road. Should this device take off in the near future, expect hardware manufacturers to come up with cooling systems for it.


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