IPEvo goes Solo

CES 2007 – IPEvo is well known for its range of VoIP-enabled devices, picking up design awards along the way like the Xing Conference Phone. We are privileged to have a look at the Solo.1 Off-PC Skype Desktop Phone. What makes this communications device so interesting is the fact that we do not need to have a PC in the room in order to carry out a conversation over Skype – all you need is to plug in your broadband connection to the back of the phone and you’re good to go. The Solo.1 comes with an embedded version of Skype which can be navigated via the brilliant 2.4″ adjustable color display. As long as your broadband connection is up, you are reachable via Skype. Of course, you can also make calls via SkypeOut as well as turn on the speakerphone function for a conference call. The Solo.1 is scheduled to be released late this March or early April for $169.99.

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