Myvu Personal Media Player

CES 2007 – I had the opportunity to stop by and try the myvu personal media viewer with an iPod video for about 2 minutes. The experience was interesting: it feels like watching a 27” TV from 10 feet or so. The experience is not immersive, but that is probably why this does not make one feel dizzy, unlike previous video-glasses attempts. It is possible to (kind of) see what is going on around thanks to two small “windows” in the glasses. Overall, it was comfortable to use, especially compared to holding an iPod in your hands.

I wonder if after an hour or so one would experience eye fatigue or not. If it were comfortable, would you buy one?

It is only compatible with the video iPod and comes with the necessary accessories: protective case/housing, battery, wired controls, earbuds, travel case and AC adapters.

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