By guest editor Tristan Lorach.

Your PC In Your Pocket with MojoPac

Mojopac proposes an interesting solution for people who are fed-up of carrying their laptops or users who don’t like to have too much crap installed on their system.

The idea is to have a second Windows OS on an external device and to be able to switch from one to the other instantaneously. However, instead of booting on a fully installed system, this Mojopac is just ‘overriding’ the current host system with the additional dlls and registry data that it needs to reproduce your personalized windows account.

You can use this software on any mass-storage device (MP3 player, external hard drive…) to carry your work environment with you. Simply plug your device in any (Windows) computer and you are “at home”.

This tool can be particularly useful when traveling. You can also use it for a LAN party or at a friend’s home since all your games could be installed on the mass-storage device. It’s also practical of you use a web café and want to have the feel of your home computer. Even at home, it could be useful to avoid having your main system polluted with tons of registry entries – if you try a lot of apps, you know what I’m talking about.

I tried on my old Mp3 (Firewire) player: After I installed Mojopac and ended up having a second Windows system available. I quickly setup my mailbox and installed DirectX with a few games. It is also nice to see that Mojopac doesn’t install anything on the host machine. This tool definitely cuts down the mess that inevitably accumulates in Windows’ folders and registries. There’s a list of compatible applications on the MojoPac site.

The price seems reasonable. For ~$50 (with $10 discount if you tell a friend) you can put your system in your pocket.

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