Belkin Network USB Hub works magic

If you’re looking for a way to turn your workspace into a truly wireless area, you can’t really go wrong with the Belkin Network USB Hub. This unique device works with your existing wireless router, providing you wireless access to other peripherals such as memory card readers, printers, and external hard drives. This is made possible as the Belkin Network USB Hub fools your computer into thinking there is a direct USB connection between the device and PC thanks to special caching techniques. The software is also powerful enough to allow transfer of control of USB devices on the Hub between computers. The Belkin Network USB Hub will be released late June at the recommended retail price of $129.99. More features are available after the jump.

• 5 USB ports
• Supports multiple users – one user can be connected to each device at a time
• Supports isochronous transfers
• Hub’s data-transfer rates do not support some high-speed/high-bandwidth USB devices such as HD-streaming webcams or other video-transfer applications

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