ATI TV Wonder USB dongle

Bring entertainment with you wherever you go with the ATI TV Wonder USB dongle from AMD. Plugging this tiny device into your computer will turn any PC or laptop into an instant DVR, grabbing every single second of HD content as long as there is some storage space left within. The TV Wonder 600 USB package is cross platform compatible, thanks to the A/V-input adapter that records video from your VCR (do people still use these?) and camcorder. Each purchase comes with a credit card-sized IR remote for your convenience. As for the TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe, this device lets you record your cable and local broadcasting in addition to QAM stations, essentially letting you wave a nostalgic goodbye to your cable box. Heck, you can even record digital TV while watching or recording analog TV channels. No word on pricing, but both will be released this September.

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