Gamercize Sport - sweat before playing

The Gamercize Sport is definitely something hardcore gamers want to avoid, and yet parents would love installing it in homes. When your console’s controller is connected to the Gamercize Sport, you can only use the controller when you’re exercising thanks to the integrated sensor on the Gamercize. It is not compatible with the latest home consoles though, working with previous generation machines like the PSOne, PS2, GameCube, and Xbox. The Gamercize Sport gadget, Gamercize Power Stepper, and Gamercize Endurance Mini Cycle retails for £39.95, £29.99, and £49.99 respectively. Guess sweaty palms won’t be the only side effect from an intense gaming session with the Gamercize Sport around now. If you wanna sweat with the current generation of consoles, the Wii would be your best bet.

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