Logitech launches MX Air Cordless Mouse

The Logitech MX Air is designed for users who use their computers as a Media Center. I’m one of them and I know how frustrating it is when I (inevitably) have to use the mouse while I’m in the couch: get up, crouch in front of the TV table, do something, sit down… it didn’t work, get up…

To make a long story short, the MX Air is a mouse that users hold like a remote and strangely enough, it works just like you would imagine it should – we tried it, although only for a few minutes. Users can also use the buttons, or gestures to control things like play, pause, volume, mute… it’s cool.

The design is particularly attractive. At the moment, there’s only one color scheme: shiny-black and silver. More colors might be added if the product becomes a commercial success. If you’re watching a movie in a dark room, you’ll appreciate the fact that the orange lights fade off when the remote isn’t used.

Gyration can worry for their Optical Air Mouse, there’s a new sheriff in town that has an intuitive and beautiful design. We always said it: good design sells. Maximum suggested price for the MX Air: $149.99. This mouse should pop on the Logitech website anytime now.

System Requirements:
Windows XP or Vista
USB Port
CD-ROM Drive

3-Year Warranty

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