Picasso phone from Taiwan

GPLUS of Taiwan has just been given the nod to produce the Picasso-branded cellphone, and the firstfruits of their labor is the Picasso GF901. This handset is already available in Taiwan and supports the GSM dual band network, featuring a hidden OLED display on the clamshell exterior that shows various text information. Features include a 1.8″ internal display at 176 x 220 pixels, exclusive Picasso art wallpapers and screensavers, a palette-inspired keypad design, a 1.3 megapixel camera, audio and video playback, and Bluetooth connectivity. A microSD memory card slot for expansion purposes rounds off the list of features. No idea if this will ever make it Stateside, but shouldn’t they go all the way by coming out with a disjointed design that Picasso is famous for?


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