Maxtor One Touch 4 Lineup

The One Touch series of hard drives is positioned as a potent backup tool for the enthusiasts. Three new models have just been launched:

  • Maxtor One Touch 4 (from 250GB/$100 – 750GB/$270)
  • Maxtor One Touch 4 Plus (from 250GB/$130 – 1TB/$360)
  • Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini (from 80GB/$100 – 160GB/$150)

The mini is an ultra-portable 2.5” drive while the “4 Plus” and “4” will feel at home on (or under) a desk. The largest “4 Plus” can store 1TB of data (1000GB). They all come with a suite of backup/protection software for Mac and PC, which is nice. One regret: the“Safety Drill” disk-cloning utility (like True Image, but not as cool) doesn’t work on Mac. Also, Safety Drill does not compress the data. Not so surprising from a disk vendor… Maxtor, can you fix it? Maxtor products page

Maxtor has confirmed that disk images are indeed compressed using the zlib library. Compression ratios will depend on the nature of the data. Phew.

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