Hacoa presents DIY keyboard

Ever fancy building your own keyboard? Hacoa has just released its high-quality, hand-made wooden do-it-yourself type keyboard kit where you will need to cut the keys from a plank of wood, only to assemble the pieces later on. The production process for each of these DIY keyboards are extremely slow, hence making it hard to fill large orders, resulting in a high retail price of $300 per keyboard kit. Make sure you have a pair of gloves handy in order to prevent any splinters from entering your nails. The kits will come in maple or walnut and include a USB keyboard base, a wooden plank with the beginnings of keys carved into it (the letters have already been hand-carved into each key), connectors for attaching the finished keys to the keyboard base, a saw, sandpaper and other tools. Keep out of reach of hamsters and other small animals that love gnawing on wood.

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