Elmo gets Extra Special Edition Tickle Me Elmo might have been all the rage many years ago, but subsequent dtop in sales have not killed him off just yet. This holiday season will see Fisher-Price release a new T.M.X. Elmo Extra Special Edition that houses surprises which will be revealed only when kids pose Elmo in designated positions while tickling him in the correct sequence. Looks like the Easter Egg phenomenon has now arrived in the world of toys eh? The T.M.X. Elmo will wear a gold badge to differentiate it from the standard Elmo. Hints to unlock the first surprise can be found in a special song, while additional hints will be available online in the coming weeks after its November 13th release. Each T.M.X. Elmo Extra Special Edition will retail for $39.99, and this looks like a good opportunity to make some fast cash on eBay.


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